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  1. Would anybody here have an innofader I could buy 2nd hand off them? thanks
  2. Would anybody here have an innofader I could buy 2nd hand off them? thanks
  3. pm'd also do u have an innofader with your mixer?
  4. some quick short term goals 1. pass my 2nd year of uni 2. produce a hip hop track 3. learn how to scratch ( currently doing, long term tbh )
  5. Haha yeah man I had thousands of questions because I was just jumping in out of nowhere the community helped me so much , just put an end to end desk in my room so I have my computer and turntables at the same time , going to invest in a dvs soon , I'll upload some pics soon
  6. First set up http://postimg.org/image/qvga6i1yt/
  7. here it is my first setup, thanks to all the guys that helped me along the way and gave me such valuable advice! and thanks for dealing with my 1000 questions (richo) hahahah here we are 2x Stanton STR 8 -60 Direct Drive , left deck with shure m44-7 1 Numark M4 Mixer 2x Butter Rugs http://imgur.com/a/Zrvig
  8. and the numark m4 does have crossfader curve adjustment already as well
  9. yeah your right wazza, iv heard so much about the innofader and used one when picking up some needles from storedj does it have to be a innofader pro 2 ? or can it be a cheaper one? , where do you usually get innofaders from?
  10. completely in german ahhahaha
  11. Saw these the other day, what you reckon of them wazza?
  12. It wasent used for scratching and it's in good condition, but in terms of performance?
  13. Hey guys , found a second hand numark m4 for sale , pretty cheap anybody used a numark m4 for scratching ? How would it be for scratching? https://www.storedj.com.au/products/NUM-M4 Thanks guys
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