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  1. +1 for TAL stuff. I use their plugins and it's pretty great. Also cheers Labrat for recommending Noisemaker, I had it on my hard drive but never bothered to use it until recently I want to add one plugin that I think deserves a lot of love because of how good it sounds. "MULTIPLY" by Acon Digital https://acondigital.com/products/multiply/ This is probably the best freeware chorus plugin I've used, ever. It's very versatile, allowing you control all the little elements of it, including an inbuilt eq to shape how you want the wet signal to sound and up to 6 voices. Honestly though, the best part about this plugin is that the software was designed in such a way in which there is very little to no comb filtering at all, meaning that this is the cleanest sounding chorus I've ever used. It's really cool and it's free, so honestly, just check it out!
  2. Saw this video today, thought it'd be worth a share. I'm way interested in video games and music stuff so this seemed pretty cool. Even though one could easily do this with software and synths that have PWM capabilities, the novelty in making music straight from the real hardware seems really cool! It's worth a watch so check its! Interestingly enough, it seems that the GB soundchip seems more versatile (imo) than the Nintendo Entertainment System's soundchip, since it can actually generate waveforms like triangles and sawtooths, as opposed to the NES only being able to generate triangle waveforms (although the GB can't use PCM samples like the NES). Plus, it the GB was in stereo too, as opposed to the NES which only outputs in mono.
  3. Thanks man! Yeah, I'm pretty proud of how nice that synths sounds haha
  4. Hey everyone! Uploaded a new tune called "Wander Mars"! It's a mix of old school Hip Hop beats with space age sounding synths. Tell me what you guys think Also, tell me if the video looks alright. I was playing around with dust footage I found online and used it in this.
  5. I don't know if I could point it out specifically tbh haha. It's more of how the song sounds overall to me. Like sonically, it sounds closer to club/banger type tracks. Perhaps you could listen to music closer to what you made and listen to how they sound and try to replicate those sounds.
  6. This was pretty nice, the vocals are really swell and the bass is cool! I also really like the way the sax sounds. Overall vibes are really really chill. I dig it man If I could give one criticism though is that it's a bit too exciting. I can hear you using your bounce production methods on this track. Imo, songs like these need more subtleties and the production that's a bit more conserved and laid back.
  7. This would be an interesting watch. I bought his second album "Donuts" a while ago and I love it. The way he chops the samples up and completely transforms some songs is pretty wild.
  8. This is pretty awesome dude!
  9. Yeah man, it was actually more helpful than I thought it would be. Hahaha, people have asked me to read things out loud for them
  10. Well, I was asking for that hahah Thanks man! Maybe I'd do more in the future if I need a creativity boost haha
  11. Here's my little video. Cheated a little bit D: Think it turned out better than expected!
  12. Nice vid, man! Actually tried to make mine yesterday but there were too many technical issues D: Will try to upload by next week
  13. Sweet, I'll probs make a video this week! I'll upload it sometime later (probs next week) but I'll make it unlisted because I don't wanna throw off my Youtube uploading schedule haha
  14. Will we actually do this live haha? Idk how to do that D:
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