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  1. If you've already got a sub, I don't think you would need the 8". The 5" ones should cover the midrange and pair well with the sub and take up less room.
  2. I am looking to downgrade my M-Audio 8" monitors and was thinking of some KRK 5" ones. These look like they will suit me just fine. Although I don't really need the DSP stuff. Maybe I can get the previous ones cheap?
  3. Here's an awesome site to help price and source parts. Will even tell you if you have incompatibilities. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ Also, what do you already have? Are their parts that can be cannibalised like the PSU?
  4. Do you use the Traktor's key or run tunes through the Mixed in Key program?
  5. I have heard of a little road race they have there...
  6. Fuck yeah I am dead keen on Tassie! Going to have to tack on some extra time and do the touristy/photographer shit.
  7. Pretty easy to see if you only have one head.
  8. Kodiak


    Welcome to finally posting!!
  9. So like one of those is equivalent to about 50 Aussie pills?
  10. I am sure you can do your own thing. Can do like a weekly episode just talking about a handful of songs. Were you reading from a script in your video? If so it was very natural. If not you were able to talk and hold interest which is a skill in itself.
  11. This was pretty bloody cool! You speak really well and are really good to listen to. But if you are going to talk about songs you really need to have them in the video. Pretty sure you can use excepts when referencing songs. As long as you aren't using the full song.
  12. That was pretty fucking good!!! Wasn't expecting that. I'm not much for downtempo stuff, but I enjoyed that.
  13. Rave culture is one of Britain's great cultural exports, but after its first wave in the late 1980s and early 1990s it was forced into the underground by stringent new laws and the rise of licensed super clubs. Fast forward 25 years into the midst of a nationwide purge on the UK's nightlife, where nearly half of all British clubs have shut down in the last decade, and a new kind of scene has emerged: a 21st century version of rave, where young people break into disused spaces with the help of bolt-cutters and complicated squatting laws, to suck on balloons and go hard into the early morning. But with the police using increasingly extreme tactics to clamp down on these parties, and more than one fatality causing a nationwide media panic, can the scene survive? http://www.vice.com/en_uk/video/locked-off There is a half hour doco on the link.
  14. Is this just for media streaming? If so I'd just go a Chromecast and run Plex. I run a Plex server on my NAS and can stream to all my PC's, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad (or android equivalents). It's the best thing ever.
  15. I'd love some link love.... I'd like and repost but I do not have a soundcloud any more.
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