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  1. Welcome dude, looking forward to hearing some of your stuff 👍
  2. liked and reposted mang. its pretty dope
  3. waned: bob and vagene

  4. welcome dude enjoy your stay
  5. well can try to aim for a AC wireless router if you plan on doing any large file sharing or streaming from devices (such as steam link, 4k video etc...) those will set you back $300 - 400 but if its just for watching videos, downloading shit and fapping... something cheaper would do. netgear usually have decent router. dlink if you enjoy nailing your foreskin to the wall.
  6. pro tip: disable anything that has popups. prime example that will make a room full of people laugh, "Avast virus database has been updated"
  7. only issue i've had with controllers is that you need an ok computer to handle it. like you dont need something epic but i've had Traktor lag on me a few times out at a gig.
  8. pretty awesome quality. bought it off of facebook for sale page from some rich kid for $80 haha
  9. i vote myself lol and will try not to be as much lol
  10. adding shelf for booze and shit.
  11. i'll clean up mine and take a pic... atm its filthier than a $2 hooker that takes coupons
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