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  1. big ups for that drive way
  2. from memory, you should be ok during the stream on twitch, to play music. If someone from twitch staff views the stream or complaints are made, you get shutdown... Rarely happens. If you need a hand to stream on twitch let me know.
  3. can someone pm me the address also will try to setup laptop for traktor with the T1 controller if people want it
  4. plan is im coming down either thursday night or friday morning guies need me to bring anything? got me old pioneer T1 controller and enough booze to drown a small town
  5. holy shit, scienceworks and melbourne planetarium are near by... can drive depending on fuel and soberness
  6. know if there are any car parks? i'd most likely be driving down
  7. when you guys need the money by? or do i just book? because i'd be in on the friday
  8. can spend a night or two depending on work. most likely drive down
  9. liked and reposted mang. its pretty dope
  10. waned: bob and vagene

  11. welcome dude enjoy your stay
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