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  1. If you've already got a sub, I don't think you would need the 8". The 5" ones should cover the midrange and pair well with the sub and take up less room.
  2. I am looking to downgrade my M-Audio 8" monitors and was thinking of some KRK 5" ones. These look like they will suit me just fine. Although I don't really need the DSP stuff. Maybe I can get the previous ones cheap?
  3. Here's an awesome site to help price and source parts. Will even tell you if you have incompatibilities. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ Also, what do you already have? Are their parts that can be cannibalised like the PSU?
  4. Do you use the Traktor's key or run tunes through the Mixed in Key program?
  5. Kodiak


    Welcome to finally posting!!
  6. That was pretty fucking good!!! Wasn't expecting that. I'm not much for downtempo stuff, but I enjoyed that.
  7. Is this just for media streaming? If so I'd just go a Chromecast and run Plex. I run a Plex server on my NAS and can stream to all my PC's, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad (or android equivalents). It's the best thing ever.
  8. I'd love some link love.... I'd like and repost but I do not have a soundcloud any more.
  9. I'ma just going to piggy back onto this here too and link one of mine from ages ago too. And if I was to do a new one it would probably sound similar because I am not likely to go source new tunes (if I even get around to setting up my S4 soon). https://www.mixcloud.com/KodiakMusic/memories-of-adventjah/ Tracklist is on Mixcloud Also... Any Brisbane peeps been around long enough to remember Advent*Jah? Was awesome! Old school rave so big it was held at the Brisbane Showgrounds. Different rooms with different genres. What festivals should be, not like Steroidsonic. But from what I can remember was mostly harder style trance. Ahhh those were the days. When you had to make the decision whether to drop half or a whole. Kids these days wouldn't even understand the concept of needing to bight one in half.
  10. I gave it a listen and thought it was pretty bloody good. Hardstyle cops a fair bit of flack but back when I was making mixes it was the hardstyle ones that got the most attention from my friends. It seems to be popular with the general public?
  11. Got a Dick Smith near by? They selling their shit cheap right now and usually well stocked with headphones.
  12. For TV just get a set of cheapish PC speakers. Will do the job just fine.
  13. Resurrecting this one (as I haven't done anything new) and I just upped it to ADJF Soundcloud as my personal one is dead. Scuse the trainwreck at about the 18 minute mark...
  14. Kodiak

    Hi all...

    Well all the cool kids are doing it.... I was one of those people who posted links to mixes in my intro I haven't created a mix in fuck knows how long.... Long time. But with the move into a new house again in the coming days I am hoping to get back into it with the monthly mixes. Plus, I am sure we are all like this, I like listening to my own mixes. They are after all filled with the music I like. I'm sick of listening to the mixes I have so need to make some new ones. Reading back this intro reminds me how I got here. @Gandy and I have a mutual friend who was trying to sell some Numark gear and I saw someone (before I knew of Gandy) post a link, suggesting he sell them here. Rest is history.
  15. AlexJ.... Dude has moved into being a working DJ.
  16. To be fair that's probably more a 2nd half 2015 nomination.
  17. Big Ups... Always good to see people doing well and positive vibes
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