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  1. When your just starting out all you need is 2 channels, Cue control, Volume Fader+Cross Fader and 3 Band EQ's learn the fundamentals first and don't get caught up in affects and shit until you get the important stuff down
  2. Theres no such thing as stupid questions. Just stupid people
  3. Any of you guys ever built or decorated stages and events. If so post your pics here !!!
  4. thanks boys i'll endover to try and be a as active member as i can
  5. Well put you should learn how to do it properly before you can claim to do it
  6. Sup guys hi Cupe been a while site looks newier and shiny what i miss ?
  7. Dude theres a photo of them out of the box, there not brand new no more. I bought a 2nd hand pair not to long ago with some other mixers for way, way less
  8. There good decks bro.I own a pair, hope they sell. But what what did the Dad from that movie the castle always say to his son when he was looking through the trading post ?
  9. Awaiting Challengers for a Tech DNB set (Netsky and Danny Bird sounding stuff....NO) I have never mixed against some one and I know theres some talent hear. Format and rules 30 minute round each that must be : Video Recorded (Decks in view) With a full track list (listing this stuff will help to keep the judging fair) Judging should be done on the merits of the mixing not on how many bangers you can smash out it in 30 mins. 5 judges Me , You Cupe one of your trusted and knowledgeable (some one who can mix) people and one of mine. Dead Line will be APRIL 20 1st come 1st serve 2ND Prize a lesson in the art of the mix by the victor The Grand Prize is RESPECT
  10. Thanks boys Tis a good mixer. it's not pioneer but it's pretty solid peace of kit the price is good.
  11. Numark5000fx 5 Channel FX mixer In exelent condition only used for a few months. Great mid range mixer. Sturdy metal construction smooth and responsive faders and well balanced EQ knobs. 10 FX that are all easy to use through well thought out control system. Check out the large jog wheel on the right of the mixer. Used to control the parameters on the FX making for seamless transitions. Power supply and Manuals included. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Numark-5000-fx-5-Channel-mixer-like-pioneer-rane-vestax-behringher-/270836107049?pt=AU_Pro_Audio&hash=item3f0f170729
  12. tommykesh

    New Mix

    Oct mix http://soundcloud.com/tommykesh/tommy-kesh-spring-cleaning
  13. Very impressed and planning on casting my vote shortly, just making sure my vote is fair so I have been Listening to a few other entry's. So far you've smoked most the competition.
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