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  1. Tomy

    Website halp?

    Domain is through crazy domains site is through wix. Thanks for the tips lads given me some direction on how to fix it.
  2. Howdy folks. I was thinking someone on here might be able to point me in the right direction as to how to fix my wix site. Currently having issues when going to the site getting "your connection is not private" It's happened on multiple connections etc. I'm getting all the rubbish. No idea how to fix it. Can't find anything via google either. Cheers.
  3. have a sus. if anyone wants in on the Hi-tech Records promo list let me know.
  4. hahaha you might be right there @Mitch
  5. Welcome broooo I'm also from brissy
  6. Tomy


    yeah looks cool as. The patching software looks a bit tricky though.
  7. all the TAL gear is dope for free gear. i used a earlier version of Cakewalks Z3TA+2 many years ago on a track and it sounded pretty bloody good. They've also got a decent range of plugins on their website
  8. if your using rekordbox, wont all the playlists be setup in rekordbox? plug in both hardrives then export your playlists to the new harddrive like you normally would from rekordbox?
  9. Stunning 3 track techno EP from Herman Crantz & Peter Lansford. It's our first release in a long time too as we kick the label in the guts and get it back on top! https://pro.beatport.com/release/apathy/1753382 http://www.hitechrecords.com Currently taking demos. Please hit us up.
  10. yea yea yea https://soundcloud.com/slop-rock/kanye- ... rock-remix
  11. thank you gents. I've just paid for the upgrade of multiple domains so once thats come through it'll be go time.
  12. i'm upgrading my account now for multiple domains, then i'll be adding a new one to it. Its the folder stuff i think i may struggle with then uploading the website via muse.
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