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  1. tbh you could def offer this as a service to people. Anyone with scratched up old decks this will give them an epic facelift.
  2. I don't think I'll need upgrade my Rokit 5's for years aye
  3. Fuck what a project. That looks fucking epic. All the +rep for progress pics and finished shots!
  4. I need to get a few more designs in the store for the basic shirt to give people incentive. I'll do that first then run a mix comp.
  5. So I'm thinking of giving away a T-Shirt to active members on the forum every month. Any ideas of how this can work? You'd need to have at least like X amount of activity in the month to be in the running for it. I will also email all users about it to get some people to come back hopefully. Any ideas?
  6. Sick 1 thanks for posting solution +rep
  7. You can use the Buy/Sell Stores section at the bottom of the main forum to link to your products etc..
  8. What did you do with all those decks @LabRat
  9. This thread was randomly hidden for some reason, but now it's visible again.
  10. Ok this thread was randomly hidden as well, now it's available again.
  11. I think this thread got hidden for some reason. Can anyone see this that isn't an admin?
  12. Testing 1 2 3

  13. My macbook is a piece of shit. But you can test it on urs if you want @Mitch
  14. I can have a look at mine this week and see if it works. Or I can bring it around to yours for testing? I think I have the 8i8
  15. Cupe

    Hi I'm CapFive

    Guten tag mein FRUANENENDND
  16. Cupe

    Hi I'm Pending

    Hi guys welcome
  17. This thread is to cover off all the features and enhancements of the new forum software to get the best out of them. Any tips and screenshots post them here for everyone to optimise. There's actually a ton of them!
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