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    All good dude Welcome!
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    Gonna get a fresh SSD for the new tower. The rest of the drives just have shit on them
  6. Hi nerds I’m gonna do a new machine build with @Mitch and need some sugggestions on parts. From here tho: https://www.scorptec.com.au/ I need a massive tower with space for internal drives, and some basics (gonna get other parts from existing computer). Need: CPU Motherboard RAM Doesn’t need to be insane but moderately industry standard would be good. Nothing over $1K. thx
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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    yeah but I'm leaving everything in my old tower so it can still run
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    Cupe needs a new PC build

    So this is what it's at @Scottie @Mitch @BeatLeSS Case: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Cases/ATX/57222-FD-CA-DEF-R5-BK (This is pretty good, has number of bays i need, looks sick) CPU: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/CPU/AMD-Socket-AM4/71983-YD2600BBAFBOX (Any other suggestions for better/cheaper from another store in Melb? PCG?) RAM: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Memory/DDR4/65348-HX432C16PB3K2-16 or https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Memory/DDR4/67740-F4-3200C14D-16GFX (got any other suggestions? Can buy from another place or online if it's cheaper/better) MB: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Motherboards/AMD-Socket-AM4/72502-X470-GAMING-PRO-CARBON or https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Motherboards/AMD-Socket-AM4/72495-X470-Taichi (Still open to any suggestions/other stores/models) GFX: Going to use my existing GeForce GTX 1060 6GB HDD: Use existing (1 SSD with OS on, 7 HDDs to be mounted internally) PSU: Need a new one. Mad power plus as quiet as possible Then a billion cords I guess.
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    UK Hard Dance / Techno

    Updated post to fix soundcloud preview.
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    What scottie said. We don't host video bandwidth on the site so just link from YouTube
  11. Talk about a blistering release pace… it was only three weeks ago that Deathpact put out their debut EP, Cipher One, and they’re already back with a follow-up single, “Formality.” Many would take a little time to allow an EP to really marinade in the minds of fans, but Deathpact’s strategy seems to be to overload with flavor. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure that strategy is working in Deathpact’s favor here. There’s very little to set “Formality” apart from any of the tracks that came before it, aside from some quirky samples and a goofy rhythm. It still fits neatly into that midtempo/electro sound that he’s been pushing since the beginning, and there doesn’t seem to be much growth sonically. That being said, fans of the Deathpact sound are sure to be pleased with another quality track in the same vein as those that have come before it. Listen to “Formality” below.  This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DEATHPACT Returns With New Single “FORMALITY” Source
  12. Hannah Wants is on top of her game and it’s easy to hear it — with her single “Close To You” fresh off her brand new record label, Etiquette. Having established herself as one of the biggest names in dance music, the DJ/producer has consistently delivered on an impressive collection of dance records. She has rocked her own BBC Radio 1 residency and headlined countless clubs and festivals across the world. Running a record label is an intuitive next step that only cements her impact on the industry thus far. Hannah’s newly launched imprint Etiquette serves as the outlet for her latest release. The six-plus-minute journey packaged as “Close To You” shows off a mature soundscape, but packs much edge. Soon enough, Hannah will follow up with another self-release, “You Keep Comin,” before continuing the exciting wave of new music from a carefully curated roster of artists. “Close To You” and previously released “Bamboozle” are just the beginning. Etiquette aims to champion established and up-and-coming artists alike, bridging the gap between the house scene and the bass world. With a majestic career already under her belt, the launch of Etiquette introduces a new facet to her enduring connection to dance music. But, don’t take it from us, listen, link up and read our full chat with Hannah Wants below. She talks everything Etiquette, the current state of dance music, and offers advice for aspiring producers everywhere. We’re all ears. Hannah Wants – Close To You How long have you been dreaming of your own label? Running my own record label is something I’ve always wanted to achieve but I’m a big believer in things happening at the right time, now definitely feels like the right time and I’m super excited to embark on the new venture! Which types of artists and music do you hope to expose through your new label? Etiquette’s music policy will run under the umbrella ‘House & Bass’ — supporting bass influenced sub genres of house music. Etiquette will not only be a platform for me to release what I believe to be my strongest music to date, it will also champion both up and coming producers as well as already established names in the game. Why the name Etiquette? For me the music industry has its own Etiquette, its own code of behaviour. Things that go down in a club / music environment wouldn’t necesarily go down the same in a retail store or office block. This label is for the house music lovers out there. This is our industry, our code of behaviour, our Etiquette. We wanna celebrate good music and build together. Tell us about your new single, “Close To You,” out via Etiquette… Close To You, just like 90% of the music I make, is built for the dance floor. The vocal represents just a little something something I was going through at the time and the groove on the bassline is one of my personal favourites so far, it’s a track I’m super happy with! I’ve been playing Close To You in my sets for a couple of months now and it really has been working the floor well, got me super hyped for the release! What’s your advice for aspiring producers seeking to be picked up by a label? Be patient, don’t rush and quality over quantity always. Once music gets signed and released it’s out there for the world to hear, forever so make sure you’re the most proud of the work. There’s a few tracks of mine that if I could, I’d ‘un-release’ that shit and get it removed from my back cat. Always lessons learned! And best advice for those who hope to start their own label? Again don’t rush, gain the right expertise because a job isn’t worth doping unless it’s executed properly and professionally in my opinion. With new labels popping up all the time it’s very important to nail your brand — it’s gotta be solid and unique. Oh and sign great music, obviously. What’s the underlying factor you can attribute to your massive success? I guess you could say I’m an extremely determined individual. When I set out with my goal to become a DJ 12 or so years ago now I’ve remained fully focused and worked hard to achieve to my goals. Consistency is key. What do you find most interesting / exciting about the current dance music scene? I love the diversity of the dance music scene, I always have. I also love the way music changes and moulds over the months and years. The stuff I played and made 2,3,4,5 years ago is quite different to the music I play and make now and I love the way artists and sounds get to evolve over time. As someone who loves and plays tech house, house, bass influenced house, and techno I think there’s some really strong music out there at the moment and I can’t wait to see what the next 6/12 months hold. Shoutout some other labels that you dig the most! Snatch! Toolroom. Sola. Relief. Follow Hannah Wants Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Hannah Wants Talks New Label Etiquette & Single “Close To You” [INTERVIEW] Source
  13. The musical collective made up of Lain, Astre, Kultur, Khamsin, Kidswaste, and Rusty Hook, better know as Slow Hours, has finally released their debut original track, “Endless.” It’s been 21 months since Slow Hours released their first track, a remix of What So Not’s “Lone,” that enamored the world. It quickly blew up and we named it the best remix of the month when it came out. It had this unique and refreshing twist on future bass that immediately captivated our staff and the millions of other listeners who loved it. Slow Hours also released another remix of Petit Biscuit’s “Sunset Lover” five months later, though it never reached the same pinnacle of hype that their What So Not remix did. Now, Slow Hours brings that same energy to their first original, “Endless.” As they describe in the description of the track, working with six people on a tune can be extremely stressful. “We saw our friendship move towards a dark place as a result of working together on the originals – we were arguing and everybody was stressed out. For a lot of this past summer, we were divided amongst ourselves and unsure if there would ever be any finished music to show.” But now we have “Endless,” this masterpiece of future bass and melody which combines all elements of their original styles into one cohesive project that is boundlessly fun and wildly entertaining. Since it appeared in my inbox yesterday, it’s been on repeat. We assume it will be the same for you. Listen to “Endless” below. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Slow Hours Finally Release Debut Original Track “Endless” Source
  14. Odesza dropped two unreleased IDs at Austin City Limits over the weekend, and they couldn’t sound more different — at least as far as the duo’s signature soundscape goes. The first was an enticing, upbeat track with a whole lotta soul. You might recognize it, because Odesza has been playing out their version of “Locomotion” for some time now. It’s the kind of song you want to get up and dance, maybe even jump to. As you can see from the video below, the audience’s response to the drop was on point. The next ID, a stark contrast from the first, brought the bass. Trading uplifting melodies for bold notes and dark undertones, Odesza showed off a lesser heard side of their production. This is undisputedly the most ominous fans have heard the duo get, and you can experience it for yourself below. Just recently, Odesza put out “Loyal,” a fan-favorite track that truly was a long time coming. For years, going to see a live show was the only way to hear the production, and now it seems Odesza has unleashed a new wave of unreleased magic especially for their sets. Listen below and let us know which vibe you’re digging the most! Odesza – Austin City Limits via EDM Sauce | Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Odesza Expose Their Dark Side with Ominous New ID Played At ACL [WATCH] Source
  15. Rumors earlier this week that Martin Garrix could be releasing another EP during ADE seem to have been confirmed or at least supported by recent tweets from trusted source The Martin Garrix Hub. Nearly a week ago, the account tweeted out, “one of our biggest dreams is coming true this month, so y’all better get ready to cry.” Since then they’ve only continued to tease more and more, leaving fans to their own imagination. A new website from Martin Garrix certainly suggests something is on the horizon. But a new tweet today from the Hub suggests that five new tracks are coming. Using the same static plus symbol found on the website, the gif transitions into five distinct static boxes, roughly the shape of, oh, I don’t know… track art? An earlier tweet from the Hub with multiple “hi five” emojis reinforces the idea of “five” having something to do with Garrix’s announcement. pic.twitter.com/OOzZDmOTla — MARTIN GARRIX HUB (@MartinGarrixHub) October 11, 2018 Now, with two days to go until festivities in Amsterdam begin, the Martin Garrix website has been updated to reveal track art at the top-most square of the ‘plus’ symbol. A countdown now appears on it with a blurred image, ending Sunday, October 14 at 3pm PST. Tune in on Sunday to see what all the fuss is about! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: New Martin Garrix Website Reinforces Rumors Of New Music Coming During ADE Source
  16. While debates about sync buttons and controllers vs CDJs continue in the EDM world, the strictly DJing world continues on unfazed with their DMC World Championship competition. This year, France’s DJ Skillz proved why he is one of the most talented DJs in the world by taking the crown in the finals. But it was a close race: DJ Fummy of Japan came second place by just one point, with DJ Rena a close third. The 15 year old DJ K-Swizz from New Zealand, also proved to be an exciting new talent by adding to his trophy cabinet with the World Supremacy title. DMC live streamed the event for the first time ever and have received over 400,000 streams so far, proving that the art of turntablism is still a hugely appreciated part of DJ culture. Watch the championship winner performance below! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Watch The Winning Performance From DJ Skillz At The 2018 DMC World Championship Source
  17. It hasn’t been since Korn’s The Path Of Totality in 2011 that a predominantly rock-facing group/band has tackled dance music crossover and come out so brilliantly on the other side, but Tom Morello has just done it. The Atlas Underground is a blistering 12-track album featuring more names that we can comprehend; but, we can certainly list them. In order of appearance: Knife Party, Bassnectar, Big Boi, Killer Mike, Portugal. The Man, Whethan, Vic Mensa, Marcus Mumford, Josh Carter of Phantogram, Steve Aoki, Tim McIlrath, K.Flay, Pretty Lights, Carl Restivo, Gary Clark Jr., Nico Stadi, Leikeli47, GZA, RZA, and Herobust. This seemingly random collection of artists are featured in a variety of combinations, some joining Morello on their own and others pairing up in ways we would have never thought (Bassnectar, Big Boi and Killer Mike is the obvious example that comes to mind). Very much due to the album’s diversity, it also suffers from being rather disjointed sonically. However, thematically, the album is tinged with political commentary and interpretations of current events that have affected our nation in recent years. (Again, the Bassnectar, Big Boi and Killer Mike collaboration “Rabbit’s Revenge” is most salient.) For dance music fans, the tracks with known producers will likely be the most enjoyable. But even the tracks with just Vic Mensa or Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons should possess some crossover appeal. Bringing the comparison back to Korn’s The Path of Totality, the type of artists chosen for features is clearly different. Korn went primarily for bass acts like Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Noisia, 12th Planet & Flinch, etc., whereas Morello went for a wider range of hip hop, rock, and dance collaborators like Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Whethan and Herobust. While both albums will undoubtedly be brought up in the same sentence for years to come, it’s ultimately pointless to attempt to compare the two. Morello has been taking The Atlas Underground on tour for a couple weeks now, accompanied by live performance and the chance to share a drink with Tom as he tells behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the record. There are still a few dates left; visit www.tommorello.com for a full list of event dates. Listen to The Atlas Underground below. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tom Morello Drops Insane Rock/Dance Crossover Album “The Atlas Underground” Source
  18. It was only two weeks ago that the Miami City Commission voted not to renew Ultra Music Festival’s contract at Bayfront Park (which the festival still aims to appeal), and it seems like the flood gates have opened. In a preliminary vote this morning, the same commission unanimously agreed to limit all outside events at Bayfront Park. What does that mean exactly? In years past, Bayfront Park would be closed to the public for somewhere around 100 days, during events, preparation, and tear-down. Now, according to Miami Herald, the city wants to “reserve the park for the general public for 85 percent of the year. In the remaining 55 days of the year, the park could host private events, though any prep time will also count.” If this ordinance eventually passes, it would not necessarily completely ruin Ultra’s chances of returning to the park, but it would vastly diminish them as a considerable amount of that 55 days would be used for the festival (and not other events). Like the meeting two weeks ago, members of the community were invited to attend and voice their opinions. Amal Kabbani, president of the Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance, said, “It was impossible to sleep. The vibration was really nasty, down to having dishes shake in our apartment.” Ultra ceases music at midnight on Friday and Saturday, and at 11pm on Sunday. Other residents, who may not even like Ultra, voiced their concern that the city may be setting too wide a precedent. Dan Phalen, 29, who lives about 1,500 feet from Bayfront Park, said, “I don’t think just because you dislike something that you should stop it.” He added, “You could have the same argument for Memorial Day weekend on South Beach.” Ultimately, this decision will be made at a future meeting, but with unanimous support from the council, it seems Bayfront Park’s fate, and the events held within it, may already be sealed. Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Miami City Commission Votes To Limit All “Outside Events” In Bayfront Park Source
  19. Dillon Francis is the undisputed class clown of dance music, so a post like this really doesn’t phase us very much. “10k RT’s i’ll wax ZEDD into my chest,” he captioned this photo. 10k RT’s i’ll wax ZEDD into my chest pic.twitter.com/xKQsbdLPNz — Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) October 9, 2018 At time of writing, the photo has passed the necessary threshold (and is in fact well beyond it now) and Dillon – a man of his word – has agreed to his own conditions. Ok shooting the video next week w @zedd he is gonna hold my hand while i do it — Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) October 11, 2018 Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Dillon Francis Will Wax “ZEDD” Into His Chest Hair Source
  20. Dutch tastemaker and producer ZES is appealing to a new generation of listeners by creating musically diverse and vibrant sounds that appeals to fans across the spectrum. In the past 4 years, ZES has catapulted himself in the Soundcloud community and accumulated millions of streams thanks to his dedication and unique identity in the electronic world with tracks like ‘Do It Again’ and ‘The Final Decay.’ New single ‘Set Mind,’ taken from his highly anticipated upcoming LP, sees him come together with independent record label and YouTube channel CloudKid. ZES sat down with us ahead of the release – sharing his past, present and future endeavors. Take a moment and get familiar with this talented artist! It’s been a while since your first release ‘Hindsight’ back in 2014, tell us a little about the journey you’ve come on? ‘Hindsight’ was definitely one of the first big releases to see the light of day, however before that came ‘Love Will Take,’ my first ever collection of tracks on Fog Mountain. Now that I have completed my first true feature length album it feels like I have truly entered a new stage of my musical being. The past few years have been a true emotional rollercoaster and in all honesty I enjoy looking back on it. Emotionally unsure or fragile times prove to be great inspiration for me and my music and I cherish both the good and bad times. In the time between ‘Hindsight’ I have released another collection of tracks, ‘Darkened,’ which was a big step into the experimental dark side of myself. Since that release I have been finishing up my master studies in Industrial Design, as well as made a lot of new music to try and find a new sound that aligned with myself. Over the last few years since the release of ‘Hindsight,’ do you feel your sound has evolved? I have always been a very instrumental artist in terms of musical structures and emotional elements in my songs, for a lot of the new stuff it feels more infused with emotions also in a vocal sense. It feels to me like I have only just entered a new realm in which I can both create emotional compositions as well as lyrics and vocals to create even more atmosphere. It feels amazing to be confident enough to sing on a lot of my own work now as well. You’re back with a new single. What does ‘Set Mind’ mean to you? Is there any story behind the title? ‘Set Mind’ is a song that I wrote going through an emotionally intense time. It revolves around the presence of an unstable form of love and doubts about what to do about it. What I express in the song is a feeling of desperation and vulnerability as well as a feeling of confidence and stability. These two opposite emotional mindsets create a sense of tension that I tried to embody within the song. Peaceful, yet also painful. Beautiful, yet also coarse. How did you come to work with CloudKid on this release? I sent out the single and album tracks to a select few labels and CloudKid were feeling it. I knew them from when they uploaded a few of my older tracks to their channel and really like the way they work.  You’ve worked with a lot of different artists on your releases. How is the process different when collaborating versus a solo piece? There’s a very interesting aspect of working with someone else. To me it feels like making music turns from a monologue into a dialogue you have with another artistic and emotional being. For me it has been a great pleasure to hear what other people feel when they hear my instrumental productions and receiving vocals is always an honor for me. Being in the same room with a vocalist and working on a song together is still quite new to me but I feel that it brings a whole new type of energy into the studio that I grew addicted to. What three words would you use to describe your sound to someone who’s never heard your music before? Melancholic, unpredictable, fragile. What environment do you like to produce in best? I love working in an environment that has no limits and no rules. Within my home studio I have tried to make a comfortable place that suits that. Creativity for me is something that cannot be forced at most times. However I found ways for myself to stimulate exploration through using a lot of hands-on analog gear, which works great for exploring new boundaries. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since you started making music? What have been some of the challenges so far? I’ve learnt a lot of lessons through making music, most of them are lessons about who I am as a person and why I make music the way I do. But there’s also a lot that I feel I don’t understand yet about the value of music in the world and the universe. The feeling of energy that I get from making music and the feeling you get when you get a vibe going with other artists is still a mysterious and unfathomable thing. The challenges in music for me lie mainly in gaining the confidence to make certain decisions, for instance to start singing on my own tracks, and to not make any compromises in my creative process. However on the opposite site of that I am certain that if you put positive energy into something, it will have a positive effect. I feel quite confident that I am in a place now where I make music that is closer to who I am then ever before. What’s next for ZES? One of the main things is releasing my upcoming album. It’s a super exciting time for me to get my new music out for people to hear. Talking about the dialogue in music creation earlier, I also think that a part of releasing new music into the world creates a feeling of dialogue with your audience. And for me that is both an exciting as well as a scary thing to do because the new music is so personal. Next to that I am preparing a new live show that I will be performing when the album drops. Grab ‘Set Mind’ here. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Interview: ZES On Having A ‘Set Mind’ Source
  21. Staygold is a fairly new duo, having only released a couple of originals and a remix up to this point. But that being said, they’ve already shown the depth of their sound and have piqued our interest enough for us to premiere their Phase 2 EP out today. Phase 2 contains two songs, the lyrically powerful and ethereal “Snow Girl,” and the jazz-influenced, whimsical “All I Do.” The two share a loose rhythm together while still pushing forth vastly different tones and sounds. “’All I Do’ and ‘Snow Girl’ are some of our favorite songs we’ve ever made. When we were writing ‘Snow Girl’ with Avena & Danny, the whole idea came to us so seamlessly because it felt like something we could all relate to.” – Staygold Check out Phase 2 below! This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Staygold – Phase 2 Source
  22. Mega collaboration “First Time” between Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin featuring Dylan Matthew is “officially” out today, and fans are already going crazy for it. Seven Lions and SLANDER are already stars in their own respective rights, and Dabin is quickly rising, preparing to release his second album later this year. Dylan Matthew, as well, is no stranger to dance music, having previously collaborated with Rome In Silver and Gammer. Their song “First Time” takes elements from each artist and, rather than putting them in a metaphorical blender á la a smoothie, it’s more like each ingredient has been whipped up and mixed carefully and then baked, like a decadent dessert. The beautiful melody, the euphoric vocals, all of the recognizable Seven Lions synths and licks from Dabin on guitar, SLANDER’s own version of heaven trap… it’s all beautifully there and insanely delicious. Listen to “First Time” below!  Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Seven Lions, SLANDER & Dabin Team Up On New Song “First Time” with Dylan Matthew Source