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  1. I'm in Melbourne and vinyl weighs a ton. Duno how I can get at it. Soz bud. Maybe @CapFive @lloydc @dflux4 @Scottie or some other sydney lads?
  2. Yo send me a DM or respond here. Where are you in Oz now?
  3. Fuck I love when the fam works together
  4. How much have you got and where are you based? I'm keen
  5. Reposted to ADJF Facebook
  6. tbh you could def offer this as a service to people. Anyone with scratched up old decks this will give them an epic facelift.
  7. I don't think I'll need upgrade my Rokit 5's for years aye
  8. Fuck what a project. That looks fucking epic. All the +rep for progress pics and finished shots!
  9. Sick 1 thanks for posting solution +rep
  10. You can use the Buy/Sell Stores section at the bottom of the main forum to link to your products etc..
  11. Testing 1 2 3

  12. My macbook is a piece of shit. But you can test it on urs if you want @Mitch
  13. I can have a look at mine this week and see if it works. Or I can bring it around to yours for testing? I think I have the 8i8
  14. Cupe

    Hi I'm CapFive

    Guten tag mein FRUANENENDND
  15. Cupe

    Hi I'm Pending

    Hi guys welcome
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