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  1. That makes Even more sense! The reason why i was looking at the Kontrol S4 is because i simply cant afford the New Mixer with 2x New cdjs to get that 4 channel mix action i want...Along with other things on my list i require for my studio...Instead of another 2 cdjs i will use virtual dj or traktor and have a solid 4 channel mixer that doesn't feel cheap like the Kontrol s4 Thanks again guys!
  2. That Makes COMPLETE SENSE! Thanks heaps Mitch.....I,m getting the DJM-900 then ,You have just helped me understand how flexible it actually is in a bedroom dj setup.
  3. Can i connect my 2x cdj 400s and also have another 2 channels going into the DJM900 from a program like Virtual dj or traktor? So ultimately i have 4 channels to play with? I had a feel of the Kontrol s4 at JB-HIFI and it just felt like cheap plastic crap, even the crossfaders on my DJM 400 feel better than that. Regardless, I am looking at setting up my first home studio soon and i feel this is going to be a better ALL-ROUND piece of equipment to assist with my DJ side and Producing Side Any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated guys
  4. Hey guys ,that time of year is near and i can justify getting a little something for myself...I have asked my wife to get me a Novation launchpad but im now thinking about the Native Instruments Maschine.......Im Not a producer but i have made basic samples using FL and Reason and have played around on Abelton......I'm really looking for something to help me get that hands on feel and the Maschine seems a little better as a Production tool than the launchpad....Any opinions ill more than happy to hear ...thanks guys
  5. Why would i not want to utilize a sound-card that will give me much better quality recordings?...the sound card in the laptop will be built in to the motherboard and would be shit in comparison.......@ 24-bit /192KHz ill have to get this sound card working..plus i paid for it LOL
  6. See ill have to fuck the sound card out of the equation to plug straight into any input in the laptop...the cheap rca starts at the djm 400 then goes to my cheap 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter into the soundcard line in then usb to laptop....is there a prob there?
  7. Hey guys , I got Audacity to work last night with my Native instruments Audio Kontrol 1 sound card But.....I could see the noise signal above the little mic side only coming thru the right channel and it was in red ,I suspect that my cheap rca cable and 3.5 to 1/4 jack adapter is shit? then i still will have to play with settings in audacity to suit this soundcard... Is there Any other programs out there that is easier to use? would i be better off getting abelton or Reason on my laptop?
  8. Hey guys ,Ive recorded a couple of times using Audacity and have ended up with bad quality sounds.....Im having trouble recording a mix via my Native Instruments Audio kontrol 1 sound card...ive set the drivers up but cant seem to get it to work with audacity and ill very much like to take advantage of the The high quality Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters inside the sound card because ATM just using audacity my MiX isnt as tight as it sounds when im actually doing it Is there Another program i could use that will get along with audacity? Any help guys would be greatly appreciated
  9. Fail


    Thanks man June Mix!
  10. Hey guys ,Ive already introduced myself but havent been on in ages...Been working hard in the Bedroom Dj'ing & Producing DEPT LOL so ill say hello again As THIS Forum Rocks!
  11. Fail

    Im lost....

    DJaz i did already yesterday and tried again today but wouldn't let me do it again.... Does this mean you will give me some for thinking im greedy? lol just kidding mate...but seriously... hahhahahhhah
  12. Fail

    Im lost....

    Thanks man,you have really helped me out...i have direction again.....I'm going to fuck fruity loops off and start to play with abelton...i have one synth plugin im yet to download that i got with my sound card i get to choose from either absynth,massive,fm8 or guitar rig 4 pro...witch one is the best for techno or beginning?...it will be my first plugin i use...I will be getting a very basic midi keyboard...im sorry i think im kinda asking this question again sorta but will any sort of controller help me with abelton to give me a little more hands on feel to it in terms of controlling levels etc or will the keyboard be enough? Once again thank you soo much man you have put me on a really good direction with your comment ''you know what music sounds like so copy it, pretty simple.'' You are a legend mate....makes me wanna do this on the roof of my father in laws 1969 firebird while he watches
  13. Fail

    Im lost....

    OMFG This man just said it all! One more thing though....is there any sense in buying a hardware sampler putting samples on it i bought ...just for fun? then recording it? Im really just gonna have a good go at abelton this weekend hopefully...this is the thing...i was sorta gettin used to fucking around with fruity loops and theres all this hype about abelton.....will fruity loops have its dead ends for me if i continue with it.......?
  14. Ok whats is the best sequencer to use for pc? i do have a abelton and fruity loops but i don't know witch is better to start off with.....what sorta midi controller should i buy? i will be getting a midi keyboard. WTF is a sampler?....can i buy midi controllers that have sample units as part of the whole unit? As you can see im lost....Oh i do know what plugins are too =) If i didn't know any better (i really don't) i will purchase these to use with abelton http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/studio-ge ... undle.html http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/studio-ge ... board.html http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/studio-ge ... squad.html and if this is necessary http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/studio-ge ... mpler.html Please tell me if im going in the wrong direction to producing my own music...Any criticism is greatly accepted.. I apologize if this thread confuses you or if ive just wasted your timeAny help would be greatly appricieated
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