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  1. That makes Even more sense! The reason why i was looking at the Kontrol S4 is because i simply cant afford the New Mixer with 2x New cdjs to get that 4 channel mix action i want...Along with other things on my list i require for my studio...Instead of another 2 cdjs i will use virtual dj or traktor and have a solid 4 channel mixer that doesn't feel cheap like the Kontrol s4 Thanks again guys!
  2. That Makes COMPLETE SENSE! Thanks heaps Mitch.....I,m getting the DJM-900 then ,You have just helped me understand how flexible it actually is in a bedroom dj setup.
  3. Can i connect my 2x cdj 400s and also have another 2 channels going into the DJM900 from a program like Virtual dj or traktor? So ultimately i have 4 channels to play with? I had a feel of the Kontrol s4 at JB-HIFI and it just felt like cheap plastic crap, even the crossfaders on my DJM 400 feel better than that. Regardless, I am looking at setting up my first home studio soon and i feel this is going to be a better ALL-ROUND piece of equipment to assist with my DJ side and Producing Side Any thoughts or opinions will be greatly appreciated guys
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    Thanks man June Mix!
  5. Hey guys ,Ive already introduced myself but havent been on in ages...Been working hard in the Bedroom Dj'ing & Producing DEPT LOL so ill say hello again As THIS Forum Rocks!
  6. Fail

    EfX 1000

    Hey guys im thinking about selling this efx 1000....Its in great condition...i just dont think it works well with my djm 400...no digital and the levels are hard to maintain....i dont think i have enough time to use it too cause i hardly get enough time to mix atm...just wondering if anyone is interested? I figure i can sell and get a 2nd hand djm 800 or something similar.... Oh btw ill prob be asking around 500 to 550 for it and it comes with a udj gear bag specifically made for it Anyways thanks for your time guys
  7. Hey man...thanks for the welcome...yeah Im into everything and anything...if it was made using electricity even better =) classic techno/house is where i started..... Rockin!
  8. not really a mistake...but i can only use it on 1 cdj cause my mixer doesn't have digital in/out or efx send return If i wire it after my mixer then both channels are effected and it just doesnt ''work'' for me the effects dont seem to be as good as when its connected to the cdj..but then again ive only had it for 2 days now ..might just have to convince the Mrs for a djm 800 LOL
  9. Hey hey guys,Ive just joined but i have had my setup for 8 months now Im livin in newcastle atm but im originally from melbourne......Really got stuck into melbourne,s great Hardstyle/hard-dance scene.....stopped goin out after i got married still felt so much for the scene and after a close mate bought some decks i soon became addicted to playing with them and i decided to get my own...I walked into cash converters and found 2x cdj 400s and 1x djm 400 ...i had to have em I convinced the Mrs that this would be it ...no spending for a while...During the course of the next 6-8 months i started to beatmatch and get some pretty kool tunes coming out from my decks...somewhere in this period i became addicted! now i have my decks,a pair of sennheiser hd25s a must ...2x TRUTH B3031A studio monitors..needed! 1x krk 10'' studio sub..we all need bass ...right? And now i think i just kinda wasted some money on a used efx1000 We all make mistakes...and here i am...So i look forward to reading ur posts and getting involved with this forum so i don't make anymore silly mistakes
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