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    24yo melbourne girl living in Vienna, been interested in Djing for yeeeears and finally got my shit together, bought my traktor s2 and gave it a crack 8 months ago... and whadyaknow, absolutely loving it. Living overseas at the moment and will be back in melbs in the dead center of winter, leaving europes summer (am i crazy?!)... excited to see how things will go when I am back home!
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    Traktor S2 controller, Traktor pro on iMac, Allen & Heath xone XD:40, M-Audio Studiophile AV40 MKII compact monitors
  1. Thankya, thankya! Thanks! I feel really proud of myself.. were a few stressful times, but as most dj´s say, can´t beat the feeling once you get it! Seriously awesome! going to miss it. Will post some mixes soon, would love any feedback. Keep you posted! how long are you in vienna for? good nightlife?
  2. So just to clarify, yes I'm listening to both tracks in my headphones. For example, when I can use the speakers, I would have track A playing through them "to the audience" , also have both tracks playing in my headphones, and then when I´m happy i´ve got track b ready to be introduced, I take my headphones off altogether and make any (hopefully minor) adjustments. I just had to think to myself, when I was out and recognized what the other dj´s were doing, why don´t I do that? I guess it´s a different ball game playing out and about. Hope I didn´t confuse anyone too much! Thanks for ill the replies
  3. Ok so first admission, i´m only a bedroom dj at this stage. When I'm playing around, I cue both the song playing and the one I want to introduce, in my headphones. I rarely have the luxury of using my speakers because the house is really open, people can hear you sneeze from end of the house to the other So my question is, am I cheating by using headphone cue all the time? Is this a function on most mixers? Should I be listening to the song playing "to the crowd" only on the speakers...? i´ve tried it a few times and I must admit I found it much more difficult. Appreciate any feedback/opinions!
  4. hey guys! aussie living in vienna for the last year. Have been interested in Music / Djing for years and finally decided to give it a crack 8 months ago. Not exactly loaded with cash or space so invested in the traktor s2 setup which I use with my Mac. Pretty much just been covering up the sync button and doing lot´s of ear stuff but now getting into creating my own mixing style as feel pretty good with beatmatching (there were and still are some stressful days :/ !!!). I love blending different styles and really can't wait to lay out my fav tunes for a crowd! Of course a big part of being a dj is playing to crowd (as yet, only the dog has had that privilege) so I know i´m not even half way there, only managed to accomplish what the Traktor can already to for me haha, but I feel much better for it =D> Stay tuned!!!
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