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  1. Dj_ANG

    Scratchers in the house?

    wow ... such a great lack in turntablism on this site
  2. Hey all I've been using serato since its beta days in an nz garage haha so if anyone has any questions on SL1, SL3 or even the TTM57sl or any of the software updates and features dont hesitate to message here Cheers
  3. haha... i respected the promo... i just HAD to register... i hope this puts a smile on your face lol
  4. yeah theres definatly a market for it... hitup info@weevident.com they can lead you in the right direction for venues etc
  5. hey all... just a quick hello (happy... i registered haha) ill post some more information shortly but untill then there is a interview with me on this site http://www.ausdjforums.com//modules.php ... opic&t=503 or you can checkout http://www.djangonline.com Cheers