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  1. Wow I now see why!!! Thank you so much all!!! One last thing, when this dude drops the song at 7:51 and hits play and beatmatches.. why does he press cue and play it again and beatmatches at 11 bars.. Is he just bored or something? Also here as well... at 5:00 and he presses play and beatmatches and then presses cue and then play jsut before the drop and beatmatches again.. whats the whole point?! Thank you so much for your time guys..Cant afford to donate so ill just constantly click on ads lol...
  2. What are DJs do during the first song of the drop when they mix in the second? I see them put their headphones on doing something but they also put headphones during the second drop which is where they attempt to beatmatch and mix... Also when they EQ or beatmatch they seem to have many buttons to press or something... (They look so busy) Not sure if im just a noob but I take half the time they take.... Thanks!!!!
  3. Thank you so much everyone for helping me out!!
  4. Check eBay Haha I have some prices are even more ridiculous! and some are from Hong Kong which might be fake as I had a bad experience buying something from there!
  5. But dam $129.90 USD to AUD is like $165..... das sad
  6. I have a DDJ-SB as well.. and my mate downloaded a crack for the full version.. Try youtube it or google it lol.. Good luck!
  7. Hi there.. Was trying to find some of these in Australia and wanted to ask if anyone has bought some from here. http://www.amazon.com/UrbanEars-Zinken- ... op?ie=UTF8 Seems pretty cheap compared to other websites.
  8. Damn, I haven't even thought about playing around with ECHO's at that low ms, have always used in time with the DJM beat select. All of you guys and your DJM's!! I WANT ONE!!!
  10. at 49:10 just before the drop of animals
  11. Hello.. Can someone tell me what effect he is using before the drop of this song? Thank you <3
  12. Update: Nevermind I got it fixed I realized that I didnt turn off CUE on the deck that i was playing on. (CUE IS LOCATED UNDER FILTER)
  13. Hello everyone im back with another problem l0l0l0l0l0l im a noob. So i have my headphones in and i can hear the song that is currently being played but not the song that should be played next. But when i press the cue button i hear both songs together in my headphones which is not right. How can i not hear the song that is playing right now in my headphones? http://imgur.com/6750oEX
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