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  1. Trying to find the best place to pick up a new complete set of cdj2000 standards or cdj900nxs and a djm 850 or 900 beside store DJ or djcity. Looking for the best prices without having to sell a kidney Any help would be awesome Thanks guys
  2. hey guys Just trying to sort out some information on whether or not it is worth investing in some kind of barrier to stop drunk idiots coming and and trying to play with shit. Having cables and smoke Machines around the place I'm looking at investing in some kind of barrier, maybe Perspex or something that isn't fully see trough but isn't pitch black either Have any of you guys ever used or come up with any barriers that are worth while? I honestly don't know where to look Cheers Dan
  3. Thanks for Your help guys. Looks like the main thing is smashing the few gigs we do get at the start and spam the shit out of people with business cards and at an appropriate level on social media. I will also take onboard trying to team up with a photographer and get into some businesses that are event management and see how I go. On a side note. Does anyone have a preferred insurance company they go through for the liability insurance. Even though I'm sure it's rare you need it I would rather make sure I'm insured I case some idiot trips over our shit Thanks again!
  4. Hey everyone not sure if something similar has been posted. My business partner and I have started our own mobile DJ business. We have all the gear, looking at insurance and all that. We are just struggling to gain gigs. We have had a couple in the pay few months but really want to start getting in a constant stride. We have a Facebook page setup which is starting to grow but in saying that not many gigs are coming from it. We are getting business cards made up aswell as we speak. How did you guys start off and spread the word. Was it one large gig that started the ball for consistency? Thanks
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