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    Jared James is an Australian based musician who loves to compose, write and produce music infused with an electronica touch, ranging from soothing ambient, ballads through to catchy Pop tunes to upbeat EDM.
    Always honing and increasing his skills, he has forged relationships with other musicians and engineers across the world, and continues to seek collaborations to push his boundaries further.
  1. Yeah, I agree with you on my vocals, it was just a rough idea I had recorded and he decided to do some rap over it and mix it up for me. I don't think it will get finished, but hey, never say never!
  2. Thanks, I like to experiment with different ideas and see what sounds good. All of it is layered tracks using VSTi's I play on my midi controller, and the occasional loop for beats (not my strong suit).
  3. I did a quick collaboration with a New York rapper and studio owner that I made a website for (I dabble in my spare time). Thought I would share it with you. If any one wants to contact him for mixing and production. let me know.
  4. Thanks! There's more on my Soundcloud page and upteen other unfinished tracks I'm still working on...
  5. Have posted some of my tunes in the music section. Enjoy!
  6. Posting some of my music here for folks to listen too (and give feedback if you like)
  7. Got an invitation via my soundcloud page so I'd thought I'd join. Interesting to see if it will lead to any collaborations or decent feedback or new tunes. Gold Coaster who likes to compose and produce using Presonus Studio One and a bunch of VSTi's.
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