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  1. Hello Everyone, I stumbled onto this forum/community via a tweet like and, being an Australian myself, thought I might post some details about my platform. I run a completely custom 24/7, ad-free, online radio platform, with live DJs, multiple stations, 320kbps streams in multiple formats and some bleeding edge web technology. Served by multiple geo-located front-ends, distributed worldwide to give DJs the shortest possible up-link path (There's a front-end in Sydney) On request I offer an 'open mic' to anyone who would like to stream live and would love to extend that offer to anyone here that's interested. We mostly focus on electronic music, with genre's that include Dubstep (real dubstep), DnB, Synthwave, Lofi & Chill, 30's Reefer Jazz (Fallout style) Also, we have a few electronic producers who make some amazing originals, some who showcase their new work live, and plenty of tech nerds discussing various topics in the IRC (custom webchat on the site) Check us out at https://rekt.network and jump in the chat there, msg me here or email me at z@rekt.network Here is also an example 1hr dubstep set that I made for a youtuber who posts mixes for programming to. I hand coded everything down to the radio scripts and provide the platform entirely at my own cost aided it part by a few generous donors. For the love of music Regards, Z
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