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  1. I’m organising a community Drum and Bass night called “Let’s Drum Away Child Abuse.” The event will be held at the Sewing Room, in Perth on Friday 22 of March 2019 from the hours of 11pm to 5am. This will be a charity event to raise money for ‘Anglicare’ who help children that have been affected by child abuse. This charity has helped thousands of young children, individuals and families and strives to offer support such as counselling and workshops. Anglicare, helped me thought my abusive childhood by placing and supporting me into loving and nurturing foster family (that I'm still apart of today). This, I feel has compelled me to give back so that other children can experience a childhood that is safe and nurturing. Drum and Bass, I have discovered has helped me to deal with all the tough issues that I experienced by being exposed to this kind of up bringing. I would love to share this with others. My aim and passion for the night is to have up and coming DJ’s playing their own material. Thus create an environment that brings people together. What a difference it would make, if you could donate your time to play a set to join us on this adventure. Please e-mail me if you are interested. Thanks, Alan Christie
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