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  1. ***ATTENTION ALL ASPIRING ARTISTS & PRODUCERS OUT THERE *** THE CHALLENGE Hey guys! I’m happy to announce our first major collaboration with Theracords "The Challenge". This record-label has amazing artists such as DJ Thera, Riot Shift, Caine, etc! Raveconnect has teamed up with Theracords Labs to produce a competition which will allow someone to win a release on all of their platforms, as well as ours. It will also get featured on the official Theracords website and have your music exposed on a global scale! HOW TO WIN: Head to the official competition through the link below and apply through there. https://www.theracords.com/thechallenge Make sure you follow both Theracords and Raveconnect on all social platforms in order to complete your entry. FOLLOW: Raveconnect: http://bit.ly/follow-raveconnect Theracords: https://linktr.ee/theracords Theracords LABS: http://linktr.ee/theracordslabs Deadline "The Challenge": August 8th 2019 23:59 (CEST)
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