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  1. Hey all My friend's bar has two CDJ1000 MK2's and a 4 channel mixer. They usually they have two channel's hooked up to the CDJ's and one channel to this old desktop. They usually use the desktop and put shuffle on iTunes to play music. What cable is needed to connect the mixer to the desktop? Their place has a tangle of cords so I cannot find out which cords go where. I was thinking of using my laptop to do some mixing at their place but I couldn't get it working... I thought it was just the green speaker jack and removed that from the desktop and plugged it into my laptop and tried playing but it still didn't work. I thought you also needed a USB cable but I couldn't find that? What does it look like? What else is needed? Do I also need a soundcard? The desktop didn't have a sound card. I also played around with the audio settings and tried a variety of different combinations and that didn't work, but it works at home with the normal green audio speaker jack.
  2. Jaytee

    Favourite current Youtube tune

    some good dnb mixed with light dubstep
  3. Jaytee

    Should I take this offer?

    cheers for the feedback I was thinking I could do a better job than their iTunes shuffle, especially with the 80s rock music haha I just wanted to use the cdj's as the external controllers for the VDJ program but use a mouse at the same time too.
  4. Jaytee

    Should I take this offer?

    aye cheers man for the reply and feedback. I'm still deciding if I should go.. I need to get a decent pair of headphones as well and find out if they have a sound card. It shouldn't be too hard to figure what goes into what right? Inputs.. outputs.. The manager there gets smashed every night haha Luckily this is a small bar, not too big.. But what about playing acoustic / mainstream songs without a strong beat? I just crossfade over?
  5. Jaytee

    Should I take this offer?

    I got offered to play at a bar... but I don't think I'm good enough. But should I take the risk of getting some hands on experience? I'm not getting paid, maybe when I get better I'll ask for pay. I've never used the equipment but do have a basic idea how to use the equipment and some of the techniques that can be used. They have 2 CDJ 1000 MK3's and a 4 channel mixer. I've been using virtual DJ for over a year now (you can say crappy computer DJ's are later) . I'm still saving up for the equipment but it looks like it'll be a year or two before I can actually afford it. So this would be a great chance for me to learn. As I get better I'll rely less on the program and focus just on practising beat-matching and mixing without using the program. But at the start I will heavily rely on it. I never had any lessons, just watching and learning from vids. ----------------------- Is there any advice? Tips? I am thinking of using Virtual DJ (on my laptop with my songs) with the CDJ-1000's as the controllers. How would I set this up? What would I need? I did some research and I found I need: - External 4 in 4 out asio soundcard such as the Maya44 usb or the NI Audio 4. - Timecode cd's I'm not sure if they have sound cards there. Would they have them? They normally have a laptop hooked up with the mixer using the iTunes as shuffle playing horrible 80s music and the occasional professional DJ for large events. You can now troll on and say things like "your ruining the reputation of pro dj's with your computer DJing". But I don't see how I could learn now without the equipment or any formal or informal lessons. I will also be playing mainstream music with very little beat matching at the start... just crossfading from one song to another, until I get better.
  6. Jaytee

    DJM 400!

    Location? How long left for warranty?
  7. Hey all. Just stumbled across this. http://www.djwarehouse.com.au/specials/ ... -unit.html Is this a good deal? From what I know, with this Serato Scratch Live package you play the songs straight off your computer (rather than using individual vinyls). What does it actually come with? Just 2 SSL vinyls, hardware thingy and some cords? So you only need two vinyls right? Can you explain it more to me? I'm interested to learn mixing and also scratching and thought this would be a great way for me to learn. I plan to get CDJ's in a couple of years when I get more money.
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    Favourite current Youtube tune

    Loving this track (Rap hip hop dance) great beat.
  9. Jaytee

    Favourite current Youtube tune

    fucking hell it took me ages to get what was happening. I was thinking, what a gay band at the start... then what a weird music vid. Then reading through the comments I found out and thought, clelver music vid.
  10. Jaytee

    What is the best budget set up for begineers?

    First few occassions I was keen to spend it all, now that I looked into my savings I decided to go cheap What are some good midi controllers? For the turntables can't you use SSL instead of using records?
  11. Jaytee

    MV8800 Recording Station

    I'm not too rich either, but I'll be willing to pay $500 + postage and handing. I'm a poor uni student. I have no experience in producing but would like to start learning, and you can make one of my dreams come true
  12. I'm trying to save up for CDJ 400's ($800 is the cheapest I found) and DJM400 ($680 is the cheapest I found) around $2280. But they cost way too much and it'll take me at least a year or two to actually buy the set up without spilling out all of my savings. I decided to go budget and find out what's the cheapest set up yet produces average quality or better. I like to do some scratching as well as some mixing, most of my music would be played from my laptop rather the CD's. Should I buy turntables? They seem harder to learn. Maybe some cheap American Audio gear? Help me out.
  13. Haha thought this was pretty interesting. Ruth Flowers is one of the more unusual sights you can see in Paris's youthful club scene. The 69 year-old grandmother is rocking the most prestigious dancefloors in Paris and Cannes with her mix of techno and old-school hits. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8550942.stm
  14. Jaytee

    EAS uni society update

    I decided to call it quits. I'm not usually a quitter but I decided it'll be the best decision for me. The club itself was a good idea, but I clearly dont have the time to manage it as much as i would liked - maybe someone else will take over.
  15. Jaytee

    EAS uni society update

    Good news 1. Great news we're getting around $800 in subsidies for the year 2. We can book any lecture rooms free of charge 3. We are covered by insurance to the value of 50 million 4. Market day will run from 10am - 3pm Wednesday next week MAIN PROBLEMS 1. Yet to design flyers/information handlets and print them (i can get free black a white printing) Maybe need some help on this one if you know a graphics designer who might do it for free 2. Speakers on the day, need to double check on equipment from wazza 3. People need to confirm that can help out on the day, talk a little about the club, play music and hand out stuff OTHER NEWS Club will based mostly on - Hosting parties based around college and uni students - Hosting DJ lessons (Tomy and possibly another DJ) - Hosting other events? - Fundraise money for its own equipment for members to play around with