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  1. I have a Pioneer DDJ-Ergo in excellent condition $200+delivery if your interested.
  2. I'm A Virtual DJ user and have been for a few years now. Tried other programs and always came back to it. Most of my DJing is fairly straight forward. Basic beat matching, loops basic effects and samples and I play a lot of commercial dance, R&B and pop music at my gigs. Started with a Hercules RMX and didn't mind it but was limited. Moved on to a DDJ-ergo. Worked well but still left me limited on certain areas. Couple of months ago I purchased the DDJ-SR. It's a very good controller but has a lot of fancy stuff that don't really work with VDJ ( being a serato controller) and over all im not happy with it and it's performance using VDJ. I'm no where near (as in 100's km) any shops where I can try the stanton controller. Any one using one with VDJ8 that have also used other controllers. Watched lots of youtube vids but none really show actually using it. Don't want too spend more money and still not happy.
  3. New drivers turned up and sound real good. As a replacement driver there actually a small up grade going from 800w up to 1000w. Not sure on the RMS of the old driver and can not find that info any where but the new ones are 250w rms.
  4. No probs mate. Galactic music. (03) 9873 4037. They have a pretty good website too. They stock a lot of other brands as well.
  5. After a lot of phone calls and non returned calls from majority of the biggest suppliers in Australia. Also a lot of Behringer dealers telling me the drivers are not available and trying to sell inferior lower wattage drivers I finally got a number for the direct Behringer parts supplier who actually supply all the Australian distributers and they have them in stock and ready to send out at a reasonably good price. All I can do is shake my head at the biggest DJ shops in australia because they missed the sale, even one store that I have spent $2500 at in the last 6 months. Anyway thanks for the help guys, all sorted and I know in future now who to contact when I need replacement parts.
  6. Thanks mate, did see a couple on Ebay but were either more $ than a full new speaker is worth or I'm not to sure on the quality. Got a couple of places I have spoken to in the past and hopefully they may be able to help. Will give them a call tomorrow.
  7. Lent my two Behringer 115d powered speakers and he under powered them and blew both speakers I want to replace both the drivers with maybe JBL or something of a little better quality (although I have pumped these hard many times with no dramas). Whats your recomendations and the best place to get a replacement driver from. 800w 8ohm 15" Already own other bigger better speakers etc just want to keep these running cause they do work well for a lot of jobs i do. Any advise etc appreciated
  8. Thats an awsome set up mate, very professional!! Just only an option on personal preference i use white curtain at weddings but is personal preference. Your set up on the night looks perfect!!
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