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    Welcome man! ADJF has a chat?
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    Yet another "Which Speaker" Thread

    I suppose the average crowd for us is around the 100 mark. Some weddings though it can be 200 and we would like to get away from weddings and more into pubs, school socials etc. Just so as there is some more variety and have a bit more free range with the music
  5. Florro

    Yet another "Which Speaker" Thread

    Am I going a little over the top? I am heading down to store dj in Melbourne on Saturday to most likely purchase (among other things) a pair of JRX625's and a JRX618S-XLF sub. A little under $5,000 for a 2.1 speaker system. Can someone please tell me if there is something remotely similar to these at a fraction of the price?
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    Whoops, shoulda done this a while ago!

    Thanks everybody for the welcome messages. Yeah Jaz it is a bit overdue. lol. Cupe she will be singing up, its just with the kids and preparing for gigs (and shopping) she doesnt get on the net much. Honestly I reckon she will be some great help for some other mobile Dj's trying to think of songs for weddings/parties etc. I think her biggest strength as a Dj is her knowledge of songs from all different genres.
  7. Hi everyone, Im Ben aka Florro. My fiance is actually the one that is the Dj, I just enjoy music, im not any good at dj'ing although I sometimes give it a crack at home. lol. She has been Dj'ing for about 8 years now and we actually met when she was resident Dj at the club I used to always go to. My background is actually audio video sales and installations so we match up well. ha ha This year we decided to invest in a bit more equipment and really start promoting ourselves as mobile Dj's. Alot of people remember her from when she was working at the club and we have received alot of business from that. We are now at the point where we are turning away gigs up to 3 months in advance so have decided to upgrade her current speakers and buy a cheap set of decks to use with the old speakers, this way were not turning away business. Current system CDJ400's DJM600 Audioline 15" Active 2 ways DJ Tech 15" Subwoofers LED Mushroom Light Ebay Lasers Fog machine Vango Swing
  8. Florro

    Need help on choosing speakers

    Thats awesome mate, I have just been doing a quote with Andre as well and am looking at the PRX625's and the same subs as you. The subs aren't going to be available to end of November though. I am also going to get the carry bags and some new XLR cables. Cant wait to have it all going and set up. Gonna rock some Christmas do's this year! lmao
  9. Florro

    eBay Speakers - any good?

    I found out yesterday that stores like storedj and djwarehouse offer payment plans with just 25% deposit. Now that I know this I would not consider any no name ebay stuff when you could at least get a brand name set like Behringer. I know they arent the best things out there but you know they will be consistant. With some ebay stuff you dont what your gonna get or if the company/store will be there in 12mths when you need a part or warranty claim. I am guessing you have about $300 - $500 to spend on speakers. Given that they want 25% deposit your $300 would get you $1200 worth of gear, and $500 would get you $2000 worth of gear. I am assuming they would have 12mths to pay it back but check with them as it may be more or less. But at 12mths your looking at somewhere between $17 and $29. Personally I wont be buying gear any other way. I am much better putting the extra cash into my mortgage and saving interest (if you have a car loan you could do the same) and pay the small weekly payments.
  10. Florro

    Yet another "Which Speaker" Thread

    Storedj offer a $6,000 repayment limit with 24mths to pay it back as opposed to DJ Warehouses $2,500 with only 12mths. Both require a 25% deposit however storedj will charge you the cost incurred by them for the repayment plan. From my experience in retail and finance arrangements I think the ACCC would have a little bit to say about this but personally I understand the narrow margins involved in this sort of equipment and the costs associated with repayment plans. So I am happy to pay the extra couple of hundred that it works out to be. As discussed on another thread the cost of this including the repayments companies charge is IMO still a better option than hiring your gear every weekend that your doing a gig. The gear is brand new vs god knows how old, you have a point of difference over the competition and you own it in the end
  11. Florro

    Need help on choosing speakers

    Just re-reading therough some earlier post and I cant say that I agree with the hire option vs payment plan. Where I live they charge through the nose to hire. A full set of speakers, lights, mixer & player is $400. And its about 15 years old! If you were to spend $8000 at store dj ($2k deposit - $6k repayment) your payments are less than $60 a week. So depending on how many gigs you do it is probably cheaper than hiring and in the end its yours to keep. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Florro

    Need help on choosing speakers

    Just remember storedj offer the same repayment plan as djwarehouse but with storedj you can pay back up to $6000. Djwarehouse only offer $3000. Let me know how you go with the gear. I am looking at the same set up but am tossing up about spending the extra to go the PRX625's.
  13. Florro

    Yet another "Which Speaker" Thread

    I have been reading through different threads all day as well as contacting a few various finance companies I have dealt with in the past and it turns out both storedj and djwarehouse use a company called certergy for repayment plans. I am yet to call storedj and find out their T&C's but it opens up a whole new possiblilty that I could get the size I want and the powered speakers I would prefer. Hrmmm JBL PRX625........
  14. Florro

    Need help on choosing speakers

    http://www.jblpro.com/catalog/general/P ... =365&MId=3 The XLF has a maximum SPL of 133db vs 129db on the s. Also frequency response is lower 39hz (3db-) opposed to 50hz (3db-) on the s. I dont look at the +-10db readings as it is a massive variance. Every 3db is double the volume so +-10db is over 8 times louder or softer. Example if your doing 100kmh in a car a 10db variance would equate over 800kmh! So yes there is a difference in the 2 it depends on the price difference and if you can justify it. I can. lol
  15. Hi Andy. Good chatting to you today. Let me know if you end up getting your 2000's soon. Cheers Ben