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  1. Duz

    360 - I'm sorry

    Yeah, can see that guy has gone through some shit, pretty dope that he can put it down in a positive way. as much shit as the dude cops for being a sellout, and writing tunes about not being able to sleep, WHALE is a wizard with words re: the feels. mad props for putting mental health in the spotlight too, need more pop tunes that actually say something
  2. He just posted this video to his facey, not usually much a fan of the guy (besides his battles) but this was pretty raw
  3. Cupe

    hi m8




  4. think craze changed his soundcloud address or something - https://soundcloud.com/crazearoni/20-years-of-ram-mixed-by-craze
  5. Didn't even think about that, useless cdj devs need to keep up with the times
  6. any company that has a decent reputation for memory should be fine (kingston, corsair, sandisk, samsung etc). Should be noted that the usb3.0's I had @ hq didn't get read at all by the cdj's there
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