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    Producer and dj looking for work and colaborations within melbourne. Have been producing and playing for 8 years and really want to break into the industry as music is my biggest passion:)

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    Citronics MPCD-X3 cd players, Stanton str80 turntables, behringer djx700 4channel mixer (old workhorse), korg padkontrol(new), plus 2 laptops with various software and a midi keyboard:)
  1. Cheers:) yeah I know what u mean... It's almost like it needs some room noise of people drinking in a bar on a Sunday that fades a bit during the breakdowns...
  2. thanks guys, yeah i'm pretty happy with it... all good, am in talks with a label that might be able to give it the airtime it deserves... could be quite a leg up actually if i can get it across the line:)
  3. thanks mate, i'm spewing tho, i tried to get the sample cleared but the rights owners won't release it so now i gotta come up with something else to throw in there...
  4. Hey everyone! Here's a remix I did over the last couple of weeks of 2pac's Temptations:) Hopefully I've done the original justice coz it's a great song;) http://soundcloud.com/snatch-md/temptations-snatchmds-playa-1/s-EFWVl Cheers Rick
  5. Awesome news congrats man;) Some say déjà vu is a sign that you're on the right path, the stronger the feeling the closer to your path you are:)
  6. Thanks, the beats were a couple of different loops I cut up n played with, yeah I am testing a like for a download app on Facebook, try this link... I think it will work even if u have liked my page already, if not try the one below... http://www.facebook.com/SnatchMD?sk=app_220150904689418 '>
  7. hey everyone, please check out my latest Track.. me on vocals, i recorded years ago and have finally found a nice deep house vibe to go with them:) https://soundcloud.com/snatch-md/lovin-for-ya-extended-edit Rick
  8. Will that work on a mac? I did download what I thought were 64bit versions of some to check but they didn't work either...
  9. Yeah I've tried that, a lot of sites have said turn abelton off after then scan again, one even said to go into where the settings file is and delete it which didn't work either and just made me have to re configure everything... Apparently it's something to do with abelton being 64bit and all the old plugins being 32bit, so I went n downloaded some 64bit ones and they don't work either.. Only camel crusher and another one I can't remember is working...
  10. Crap sorry dude, half zombie! Been staring at my screen all day! Productive day but my eyes are killing me!
  11. hi does anyone know a fix for this? have been over heaps of forums n that on the net but nothing seems to work... Rick
  12. Welcome! Deep house is taking over;)
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