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    Producer and dj looking for work and colaborations within melbourne. Have been producing and playing for 8 years and really want to break into the industry as music is my biggest passion:)

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    Citronics MPCD-X3 cd players, Stanton str80 turntables, behringer djx700 4channel mixer (old workhorse), korg padkontrol(new), plus 2 laptops with various software and a midi keyboard:)
  1. Good House Keeping @ Alia [22-11-14]

    I played at an event these guys put on a few weeks ago and can also second the awesome music and vibe! Top ppl too music!
  2. Hey guys if you want a cool gig to go to tonight with plenty of great deep tech and house music head to Loop bar in the city;) https://www.facebook.com/loopmelbourne MFP Entertainment Presents Dip & Nasty Loop A night full of House Music !!!!! Dance & Drinks All night !!! Line Up 10-11 Frank Ricard 11-12 Adrian Romagnano 12-1 Lica (Brazil) 1-2 James Patrick B2B NΛTΛLIE TURNER 2-3 Mark KsasB2BTeon Jay(Mex & London) 3-4 SnatchMD Doors Open 9Pm till late FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT !!! Hope to see you there! Rick:)
  3. new remix! I think you'll like it :) deep house

    nice track
  4. AUSDJFORUMS Official 2014 Meet Up Lunch!

    Ok cool, will see what I can do, gotta work 12hrs Sunday too so might be wrecked... Will try my best.. U all here Monday?
  5. AUSDJFORUMS Official 2014 Meet Up Lunch!

    Sorry guys I won't be able to make it on Saturday, I've got a friends wedding all day and am djing for them too! Hope you all have a drink for me!
  6. SnatchMD - I Am You Are (Deep House)

    Cheers:) yeah I know what u mean... It's almost like it needs some room noise of people drinking in a bar on a Sunday that fades a bit during the breakdowns...
  7. SnatchMD - I Am You Are (Deep House)

    thanks guys, yeah i'm pretty happy with it... all good, am in talks with a label that might be able to give it the airtime it deserves... could be quite a leg up actually if i can get it across the line:)
  8. SnatchMD - I Am You Are (Deep House)

    thanks mate, i'm spewing tho, i tried to get the sample cleared but the rights owners won't release it so now i gotta come up with something else to throw in there...
  9. so, forgive me coz i'm a bit of a noob, with the meet, for those of us that live in melbs, is there a specific night/nights/day over that weekend planned to meet up or do u guys usually wing it..? would be awesome to catch up with u all:) Rick
  10. here are my 2 submissions:) https://soundcloud.com/snatch-md/lovin- ... ended-edit https://soundcloud.com/snatch-md/i-am-you-are-extended i've made them available for download so u can grab them, can you please let me know once u have them n i'll switch it back over? cheers
  11. Hey everyone! Here's a remix I did over the last couple of weeks of 2pac's Temptations:) Hopefully I've done the original justice coz it's a great song;) http://soundcloud.com/snatch-md/temptations-snatchmds-playa-1/s-EFWVl Cheers Rick
  12. Local Entertainment Awards

    Done;) Good luck
  13. Awesome news congrats man;) Some say déjà vu is a sign that you're on the right path, the stronger the feeling the closer to your path you are:)