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  1. Nah, I don't think so.. Thanks man! Will try tomorrow.
  2. Would it be worth completely un-installing Traktor and reinstalling?
  3. It works through my computer speakers but I have M-Audio speakers I'm trying to play through. Will try that now Scottle.
  4. Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting my audio through to my speakers... I have a DDJ-T1. I've attached some links to my audio settings.. Thanks! http://postimg.org/image/srbupecf9/ http://postimg.org/image/ibd9ejxt5/ http://postimg.org/image/v198eqsbd/
  5. I'm meaning like a mini DJ mix just using Ableton. I've never really made a banger mash-up. Haha.
  6. Hey guys, Any tips on making a DnB mash up? Anything at all that will make it flow better and sounds great.
  7. Thanks man! Anybody know any good tutorials for basic music theory on electronic music and putting it into practise?
  8. How do you guys go about learning when to drop tracks? Just say I want a double drop but I want both tracks doing the build-up plus drop...
  9. Thanks guys for the advice. Can't wait to listen OxyKon!
  10. Hey guys. I don't have heaps of experience with DJing. Any tips on starting to mix DnB? I want to be exciting when I mix?
  11. Thank for the tip man!
  12. Thanks guys. I'll have to start just doing some quick tutorials on Youtube then mess around with some stuff.
  13. Hey guys, I have been messing around with mashup's, bootlegs and just Ableton in general for a while now. I'm just a beginner so all the stuff I make sounds shit and I think I just get bored of it. I found it fun when I start messing around with Ableton but I think since I'm not very good I'm not motivated enough to learn all I need to. Is there any way that guys make it more 'fun' for yourself while learning at the same time?
  14. Awesome! Thanks heaps man. Legend!
  15. I'm trying to make an unofficial remix. I have the stems. I'm a beginner is it just a matter of slicing and sampling or is there more?
  16. Hey guys, I've just started making a bootleg. How do you guys approach you bootlegs/remixes? I mean is it just a matter of chopping and sampling with rearranging? Any feedback would be great!
  17. Hey guys, How does everybody go about approaching a new track? I've started this 175BPM hopefully DnB track tonight. But I lack direction. What parts of the track do you focus on first?
  18. It's mainly just to get my skills up and learn how to better myself producer wise. I don't think I'm capable of making a whole track yet so I want to start at mash-ups, then move onto bootlegs then start trying my own stuff. Thanks for the advice!!
  19. I mean putting 2 or more tracks into a single track. But adding to the track using effects and other cool things. I meant a transition like a quick switch from one track to the other without it sounding shit. Both tracks are in the same key and same BPM.
  20. Hey guys! I've started a new mash-up tonight. Certain parts of it are sounding pretty good I think. What are techniques you guys use to make it sound unique from the original? I have added some vocal cuts which are sounding nice. A few switched bars, simple effects. What are some technique to make a nice, smooth transition aswell? Rather than just moving straight from one to the other which is sounding terrible. Thanks guys! I really want to hit production hard on my days off work so any help is much appreciated!
  21. THanks dude! Are there any tutorials that teach you how use music theory is Ableton?
  22. Is there a way I can study these chords without having a piano/keyboard. Also I would love a bit of help with putting these into practice on Ableton? Like if I have a percussion break on my track and I'm writing in A Minor do I have to use these in order? or which keys can I use? Is this using the 3 keys at the same time on the track then moving onto different ones? A Minor - Start with A, skip TWO, hit C, skip THREE, and you get E. Sorry for the noob questions.
  23. Only just found this post. Thanks though Addi!! Really much appreciated that you took the time to write this for me. Thanks man!
  24. I recently have gotten a new laptop. It's a HP, I just connected my DDJ-T1 to it. I can't get my M-Audio monitors to connect to it. Can somebody help me? Which settings do I need it on? Also I have not used it in that long I forgot how to use my head phones Thanks in advance.
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