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  1. Thought I'd start some Proggy style mixes Heres episode 1. Tracklist 1. Jan Martin feat. Hysteria - There's You (LTN Remix) 2. Shingo Nakamura - The Four (Sundriver Remix) 3. Adam Sobiech - Memories (Original Mix) 4. The Blizzard & Daniel Van Sand feat. Jaren - Teach Yourself To Fly (Original Mix) 5. Denis Kenzo feat Sveta B - Deep In My Heart Original Mix 6. Toby Hedges - Sukha (Original Mix) 7. Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty (KIWAMU Remix) 8. Sou Kanai, Tom8 - Countless (Witness45 Remix) 9. Antony Waldhorn feat. Eva James - Medication (Original Mix) 10.Sunquest feat. Josie - A Little Bit Special (Sundriver Remix)
  2. zedx

    Hey Guys!

    Cant recall 359 though i remember the take over episode (424 i think) being fantastic. It was the one when Andy Moor & John O'Callaghan took over from Armin for the single episode. Pretty funny hearing Andy though doesnt really have the persona that armin brings but it was a sweet episode none the less
  3. Well it depends what your doing i guess. I tend to use the queue buttons abit and skip around into the track and set queue points. Listen to the incoming track over the outgoing track before i mix it in. Gives you the ability to analyze the incoming track so you can understand much high/mid/lows to use at certain points. Determine if any of the ranges clash against each. Also gives you a better idea when to swap basslines etc. It's not like your just hitting play then SEE WHAT HAPPENS Sometimes i muck around with effects in queue so i can see what a high/low pass might sound like before i do it live. Certain fx sound different in some tracks so i guess it can be handy to check. Sometimes it takes a while to find a track that suits the current track, im sure we've all had that happen... 1 min to go and no track selected! then your busy hitting loop and mashing the track up whilst trying to find another just to keep the beats going. Otherwise they could just be lining up future tracks or... the DJ could just be on acid and doesnt actually know what hes doing! LOL
  4. zedx

    Hey Guys!

    Haha of course man... why else would i have posted in the first place I actually prefer forums anyway, i guess im oldschool that way. Social media is fairly terrible if you are looking for dated information.
  5. Hey Guys, Couldn't find a thread on this so i thought I'd create one. Not really a review as per se but just my own experience + ramblings Anyone else taken the plunge and bought one of these yet? I just upgraded to one of these in the past month or so. So far I'm really happy with it! I've played around with CDJ2000's + DJM850's and the experience is compatible. I didn't have the $$ for a proper setup nor the space in my lounge room. So this was a no brainer for me. Using the hot queue buttons is a ton of fun when dropping psy tracks, not so useful for other genre's that Ive mixed. Though handy to set markers on the waveform display. I'm also really happy with the pro link functionality, seems to work really well. Essentially allowing you to drop tracks onto the controller from your laptop when using rekordbox. Setting queue points and such update live on the controller as well. The jog's are really nice and tight and are great to use, i don't really perform any type of scratching though so perhaps im not the best source of truth on this one. My favorite feature of all is the ability to select Midi/USB1/USB2 or Rekordbox inputs and load tracks from essentially any of the sources you require. Which has been really cool when we have used this controller for live streams. As ive had a few requests come up and i can essentially load traktor, drag a track in then load MIDI onto the desired deck of choice. There is no HID support so you don't get the waveform displaying on the controller but it works well enough and besides i don't really rely on this either. It seems to snap queue to the predefined rekordbox beat grid even when sync is disabled. I would have assumed that this would only happen if you used Sync which would make sense. Therefore i cant set accurate manual queue points on the controller which is annoying. Assuming the beat grid is correct which is often the case then its not really an issue. I'm sure that there is a way to disable this somehow though i haven't figured that out yet. There have also been occasions where the track has been analyzed by recordbox and it has set the first beat beyond the actual starting point. So I've had to skip into the track 8>16 bars, again not a huge issue. My biggest gripe is that there is no audio output for recording purposes. I'm forced to use the Booth output into my audio interface unless i switch my master to XLR. I guess i could also record to USB which the controller allows but i prefer to record into audacity. I was also considering the new Numark NS7III but as there is no release date i decided i couldn't wait. Besides i kind of prefer Pioneer gear anyway.
  6. Sweeeeet. Been listening to this most of the morning on and off whilst at work. Sweet vibes going on in here
  7. Hey Guy's, Wondering if any of you have any experience with this stereo amplifier? I'm looking to upgrade the one in my lounge which is mostly used for music + hifi use. Though i tend to use this for house partys aswell so it gets a good amount of cranking. My existing setup is: Floor Standers: Warfedale Diamond 9.6 Subwoofer: Jensen qx85 Amplifier: Some piece of crap sherwood amp. The existing amp i have doesn't have too many issues driving both the floor standers or sub so i don't need more power. The existing amp is rated at 100watts not sure at what ohm's that is referenced to. I cant seem to find a place to demo the Cambridge but my research suggests that this is a really good unit. I like the idea of dedicated 2 channels as i wont be upgrading my floorstanders or sub any time soon, nor do forsee the need for a 5.1 channel setup. I dont need HDMI in/outs as i use optical for connectivity to my HTPC/TV as I use the TV as a bridge for this.
  8. zedx

    Hey Guys!

    Cheers man Not much going on in here these days, everyone has abandoned forums for social media
  9. zedx

    Hey Guys!

    Hey Everyone, I've been a member for some time but have mostly used this forum to find mixes and learn mixing techniques. Thought it was about time i said hey! I started out mixing Trance probably 1 1/2 years ago, a few of my close mates have been DJing for a whole lot longer then i have. I learn everything i know from them at the various house party's we've had over the years. I was content in the beginning at just hearing my mates mix live but eventually the itch to give it a go wouldnt go away.. the first few attempts were pretty terrible as im sure you can guess! ha. I've been listening to trance solidly since 2002, i first discovered ASOT and i was hooked instantly. As im sure most of you were I started out mixing on a mates Reloop controller with Traktor, eventually getting my own gear which was a Numark Mixdeck LE + Traktor Pro 2. This was fun for a while but a fairly boring setup. I've since upgraded an Pioneer XDJ-RX which im having a ton of fun with. Gives me the club type of feel but i can switch live between Rekordbox, USB or Traktor which is really cool. I've started posting my sets up on youtube now that i feel im at the level where i can share my passion. Anyway if you made it through my intro and feel like saying WAZZAP then feel free to do so
  10. Hey Guys, Just found this forum! So i thought i'dd post up one of my latest mixes. I've uploaded Episode 5 for July, this time around the focus is on mostly Uplifting Vocal tracks. I've thrown a few bangers in there at the end \:D/ Tracklist: 1. Motionchild & Will Holland Feat. Tiff Lacey – Arctic Kiss (Jonas Hornblad Remix) 2. Nico Otten, Crystal Blakk – Breathe (Soren Andrews Remix) 3. George Hales pres. Radiate – Tears (Existone Remix) 4. Aimoon & Roman Messer feat. Ridgewalkers - Your Soul (Photographer Remix) 5. Bluskay - A Smile To Remember (Original Mix) 6. Sneijder - Remember Me (Extended Mix) 7. John O'Callaghan - Games (Sanderwick Remix) 8. Somna feat. Emma Elizabeth - In Your Arms (Kaimo K Remix) 9. Kaimo K vs Cold Rush feat Katty Heath - Here I am (Original Mix) 10. Estiva feat Tania Zygar - Death of Me (Ferry Tale Remix) 11. Paul van Dyk & Roger Shah feat Daphne Khoo - Louder (Ben Nicky Remix) 12. Adam Ellis - Velocity In French (Original Mix)
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