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  1. Luigi Tozzi - Epipelagic Luigi Tozzi - Bathypelagic Zone Julian Rodriguez - Ulinpit Disconnection (Analog Jungs Remix) Jelly For The Babies - Nightland Julian Rodriguez - Ulinpit Disconnection (Nicolas Rada Remix) Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (simon Doty Remix) Platunoff, Hidden Tigers - Desire Lucas Rossi - Without Looking Back Hot TuneiK - Close Encounters Mark Found - Go Up Go Down (Marboc Remix) Enjoy https://www.mixcloud.com/jamescolangelo79/jaymzphoenix-progressive-013/
  2. Locus Solus - House of Wolves (Config & Stemvork Remix) Maydan - Absolute Insolation Smight - Sleeping (Tabriz & Zuckermann 'Burn' Remix) Matias Chilano & Nicolas Gonzalez - Learning and Doing (Matter Remix) Rogier - Force (Ivan Maitto Remix) Robert R Hardy - Sensibus NekliFF - Lyrics Guy J - Been Here Before (Namatjira Remix) Paul Spakes - Worgull DJ Borra and Britt - Distance Travel Enjoy
  3. It's been waaaaaaaaay to long. More returns that John Farnham :'( Must get back to the crew.
  4. Jos & Eli ft Ellie Ka - Flashes Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic - Hide and Seek Th Moy - The Cube AudioStorm - Evolution 21 (Salski Remix) Brian Cid - Santore Brian Cid - Intrepid Jay Hubbard - Meteorite GMJ - Sublimate Kamilo Sanclemente - Certainly Lee Burridge, Junior, Lost Des - Lingala https://www.mixcloud.com/jamescolangelo79/ Enjoy
  5. AMPISH - Dreams About Her [Bad Pony Records] AMPISH - Nervada [Bad Pony Records] Emma Lock - Devoted (Hot TuneiK Remix) [3rd Avenue] Dar & Dor - Saying Goodbye (MUUI Remix) [Making You Dance Records] Dust Yard - Prana [Lowless] John Lead - Zenith [Uxoa Duluxe Elite] Luca Olivotto - Roots [Endless Black] Robert R. Hardy - Sanctuary (Hot TuneiK Remix) [Dopamine Music] Solid Stone - Heart Call [Coldharbour Recordings] Robert R. Hardy - Solis (Matias Chilano Remix) [Dopamine Music] Emma Lock - Endless Wait (Lucas Rossi Remix) [3rd Avenue] Dmitry Molosh - Fly [Sudbeat] Dust Yard - Chorus [Lowless] Partenaire - Beautiful Bedlam [Soundteller Records] https://www.mixcloud.com/jamescolangelo79/jaymzphoenix-progressive-010/
  6. https://soundcloud.com/jaymzphoenix/dark-progressive-009-3-hours
  7. https://soundcloud.com/jaymzphoenix/jaymzphoenix-dark-progressive-008
  8. 1. Gvozdini - The Perfect Way For Us [ Balkan Connection] 2. Julian Rodriguez & Martin Berger - Birdcage (Alex Villanueva & Kaban Remix) [balkan Connection] 3. Ilya Gerus - Cosmosis (Napalm Remix) [Abstract Space Records] 4. Lom - Earthquake [3rd Avenue] 5. Ilya Gerus - Cosmosis (Feri Remix)[Abstract Space Records] 6. Kissoff - Expectatio [bC2] 7. Mayfair - Larkin [balkan Connection] 8. Mohn - Inner Visions [bC2] 9. David Podhel - Significance of Existence (Napalm & D-Phrag Remix) [bC2] 10. Leandro Dutra - Sayan [Mystic Carousel] https://soundcloud.com/jaymzphoenix/jaymzphoenix-dark-progressive-007
  9. JaymzPhoenix


    Welcome to ADJF. I'm 26 and I live with my parents.
  10. I wish that guy was around 10years ago. His videos are a must for beginners.
  11. Do you have a spare pc you could put traktor and the controller on, or a friend that has traktor?
  12. Enjoy 1. Xhei - Depth 2. Marika Rossa - Feel 3. Electric Rescue - Facing the Blue 4. Marika Rossa - Feel (Nhb Remix) 5. Flug - Recognize 6. Acki - Urban Jungle (Skober Remix) 7. Microcheep, Mollo - Magnum Opus (Saimon Remix) 8. Nhb - Prism (Minicoolboyz Remix) 9. Xhei - Room 131 10. Ovi M - City In Ruin (Stefano Infusino Remix) 11. III76 - Degreaser 12. Flug - Shaping the Way https://soundcloud.com/jaymzphoenix/techno-002
  13. No worries, mine is so short you'll probably think I'm joking, trust me I'm not. It seems to work wonders for the music I play, Prog House, Techno, Trance. I'm doing this from head so sorry if I miss something. 1 - Turn Auto Warping Off. Ableton is good at doing short samples but it loses concentration (if you can say that) with longer ones e.g. tracks. Only have to do this once. 2 - Set the master tempo in Ableton to the same of the track you want to warp. I'm not sure 100% what this does but it's always good to listen to the track in its intended BPM. 3 - Find the first kick and put a warp marker as close as possible to the start, you want this to be as tight as possible. 4 - Right click the warp marker and select Set 1.1.1 here. 5 - Right click again, select "Warp from here (Straight)" 6 - Turn on your Metronome and play the track (Hopefully its pretty close already) 7 - This bit can vary but I usually go to the last bar with a kick, near the end of the track and zoom in to see if it has strayed off (usually has a tad). Find the nearest transient and hold Shift+Click on the Transient to move it and bring in line with the kick ****DO NOT PUT A WARP MARKER HERE***. Then move it to the bar marker. That's pretty much it, usually takes me about 30 secs to warp a track now and it comes out perfect. And in 98% of the cases only 1 warp marker needed!!!! Intro tracks need to be done differently, I might do a video for that. Here's a video I just found that's doing a similar version. Please note I don't think this works with all genres of music. Also just a side note, I always change my tracks from "Beats" warping to "Re-Pitch". If you want an example of how good Ableton beat matching + key matching can be have a look at my latest set https://soundcloud.com/jaymzphoenix/dark-progressive-006 Crapper beat matching can be found in the previous 5 episodes as I was trying stupid software.
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