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  1. I've been meaning to do regular videos of me as I learn, but still can't find me tripod, I've resorted to using my webcam clamped onto my wonky music stand. Perhaps beginners should have a place to upload there first stuff and for them to get some guidance? I'm looking for tips personally. Watching back, I need to go straight to the other TT, bit too slow to do an 8 bar loop. But what about my arms crossing over and that? Time to get my ambidexterity up? My webcam had a brain fart while recording, so I had to cut a fair bit Next vid will be direct from booth outputs to my PC.
  2. Yeah I thought the blue was uncommon but not rare! What is this wizardry with match sticks?! Is this is a tried and tested mod or R U 'avin a giggle m8?
  3. Low pass filters can be found on some mixers. Numark DXM06 and Pioneer's DJM 350 come to my mind.
  4. Oh yeah, the other side haha. Seems like there's a lot of control in the fingers with such small distances. I'm keen to give this a go tomorrow, got a uni test tomorrow i'm half studying for..
  5. Holy sheet! How have I not seen this! Thanks alot for these links this is very inspiring! Sounds like records with drum breaks?
  6. Cool cool, it's unanimous. Unless it's a big mula difference, go with the local.
  7. I'm keen to get a new mixer, the Dj tech dif 1s, but google shows little in terms of sellers in Australia. Best I got was the company itself for $289 or a melbourne based ebay seller for $259. Buying from U.S would be around $192 AUD with $30 P+H = $222. I hear this mixer can vary in quality when it comes to knobs and that, so am i better paying full price direct to DJ tech and rest assured that I'm covered by warranty or go via ebay? No 2nd hand ones about either
  8. I'd say I've done about 10 hours of use on it. Probably less. I'm gonna start getting into a daily practice routine so we'll see what its like in a month.
  9. Well, whaddyaknow, I've reset the tone arm back to zero, put 1.5g on and have the hieght about 1cm high and it's solved my problem. I should be more attentive to instructions next time.
  10. Oh i see where I might've buggered up. I'm looking through shure's instructions that came with it. I've set the 'Typical tracking force (grams)' to suit the m447, the m44g take 1.5 typical tracking force...
  11. Well, that didn't last long! I got the cart 21st July this year. I've wiped it clean, just played for 10 seconds and the gold dirt is coming from the right side of the stylus.
  12. Thanks, yeah the snare and hat I have to make out of the (white)noise channel, but that sounds interesting, hit me up with vids when you find them. Cheers BeatLeSS, Yeah, well we all start somewhere, I guess I might as well document it. The sound wasn't the best. I had my Game Boy going through my amp and speakers which were facing the bed and a small, portable speaker for the TT sitting under the webcam's mic :/ Next time, I'll either record my GB on the computer then record the scratch, or just play live, this time both going through my mixer and amp and use my Zoom mic so I get the acoustics of my room. Either way the sound and playing should get more polished as i go.
  13. I was moving my amp around today and plugged in my mixer to see I had it all working. It was then I realized a scraping sound as the turntable turns unamplified. The output through the speakers are fine, but it worries me to hear dragging sound. The sound isn't constant, but consistent every revolution. I'm using the Vestax PDX 2000 with M44G cart and stylus. The cartridge looks A LOT lower then usual, The height adjuster in the photo is all the way up. It's also leaving a goldish too... I really don't know what it could be... Is the turntable warped? Is my headshell bent? It wasn't like this the last time I used it. Chuck questions at me if I've been too vague, and no, it's not the sounds on the records, it's additional sounds.
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