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turntablist sets

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going on from wrxit's posting of this years dmc champ.

here is a fred to post up routines you like (im sure theres a few freds like this but we need moar freddies). does not have to be dmc either

ill start with someone other than craze (though it will come hehe...). here is a kentaro set.

he does a lot of his trying to use the turnies as instruments. if you get tired of that jump to 2.50 as he does his fader only routine

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had scratch the doco playing in the background and really liked this short bit

one because of what rob swift says, i.e. you need to remember the basic structures of music, which i think some turntablists do. in essence people are listening to what you are doing so it has to be nice to the ear.

and also because its some nice juggling.

one song cut three ways.

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