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    DJ Wrxit for Skrew-loose Crew and Resident Dj for Fremantle Battle League

    Hip Hop Producer/DJ

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    vestax pdx2000's
    NI Traktor Z2 mixer
    serato scratch live
    fl studio 10
    M Audio oxygen25 keyboard
    NI Maschine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. wrxfiend

    Pics of your Set-up

    Phase Productions
  2. wrxfiend

    Pics of your Set-up

    Wow!!!!!! that is the shiz ox!
  3. wrxfiend


    That would certainly get you started, just be aware that the fader in any second hand battle mixer is going to be thrashed and mixers with visable screws holding the x fader are going to catch your nails alot more than you would think (and it really hurts) , that said you could easily fit an innofader to it later on and then it would be pretty bulletproof. If going second hand look for vestax pmc 05 models. Thats what i learnt on and its still going strong at the skrewloose practice lab.
  4. wrxfiend


    Buy one quality deck for now ie techs, str150, vestax etc and make sure your fader has adjustable slope. play instrumentals off a laptop or something into one channel and practice your cuts before you worry about juggles and stuff. this mixer would be fine https://www.storedj.com.au/products/BEH-VMX200USB and one or a pair of these https://www.storedj.com.au/products/AUD-LP120 that would be an ample first set up. dont procrastabate just jump in and get hands on!
  5. wrxfiend

    Technics are back (for hipsters)

    Couldnt find the Turntables & Stylus Thread LOL
  6. wrxfiend

    NOMINATIONS: Best ADJF DJ of 2015

    Thankyou bruv! But I think Oxy takes the cake IMHO
  7. wrxfiend

    Technics are back (for hipsters)

    miss you all too much to stay away!
  8. damn, im so out of touch on this forum i posted this shiz somewhere else. What happened to the website????? Oh by the way these new 1200's are going to retail for over $4000 each Aus
  9. Lost my shit when this news came through, only to be dissapointed when i found out they are going to retail somewhere upwards of $4000 each Australian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you latte swilling top-knotted compass tattooed douch bags! Leave our vinyl alone!!!! http://gizmodo.com/the-technics-1200-turntable-is-back-1751157898
  10. If only my parents had bought me those 1200's at age 6 when i asked for them!
  11. Getting our set ready for tomorrow nights Onyx support!! https://vimeo.com/147886848 Hoodie is prepped and waiting!
  12. wrxfiend

    Sourcing the right Monitors

    If a shop won't let you demo a set of speakers than it is not the shop for you! lol
  13. wrxfiend

    Sourcing the right Monitors

    I use yamaha hsm10's. They are very flat in there frequency response if set up right. But also have done a few house party's with them and theycan certainly take a thrashing. They can be a bit boomy in my studio set up if the rear port is too close to the wall though. I suspect a couple of bass traps would prob correct this easily enough. Pretty sure i paid $700 for the pair, but def worth the extra coin.
  14. wrxfiend

    eggs sellection - hip hop track o the day

    Dope shiz eggs! Cuts are dope too
  15. wrxfiend

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    fark thy neighbors!