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  1. That would certainly get you started, just be aware that the fader in any second hand battle mixer is going to be thrashed and mixers with visable screws holding the x fader are going to catch your nails alot more than you would think (and it really hurts) , that said you could easily fit an innofader to it later on and then it would be pretty bulletproof. If going second hand look for vestax pmc 05 models. Thats what i learnt on and its still going strong at the skrewloose practice lab.
  2. Buy one quality deck for now ie techs, str150, vestax etc and make sure your fader has adjustable slope. play instrumentals off a laptop or something into one channel and practice your cuts before you worry about juggles and stuff. this mixer would be fine https://www.storedj.com.au/products/BEH-VMX200USB and one or a pair of these https://www.storedj.com.au/products/AUD-LP120 that would be an ample first set up. dont procrastabate just jump in and get hands on!
  3. Thankyou bruv! But I think Oxy takes the cake IMHO
  4. damn, im so out of touch on this forum i posted this shiz somewhere else. What happened to the website????? Oh by the way these new 1200's are going to retail for over $4000 each Aus
  5. Getting our set ready for tomorrow nights Onyx support!! https://vimeo.com/147886848 Hoodie is prepped and waiting!
  6. If a shop won't let you demo a set of speakers than it is not the shop for you! lol
  7. I use yamaha hsm10's. They are very flat in there frequency response if set up right. But also have done a few house party's with them and theycan certainly take a thrashing. They can be a bit boomy in my studio set up if the rear port is too close to the wall though. I suspect a couple of bass traps would prob correct this easily enough. Pretty sure i paid $700 for the pair, but def worth the extra coin.
  8. hahahaha i hate battle rap to be honest, but a gig is a gig! (dont tell anyone now.....lol)
  9. Yeah ive been the resident DJ for fbl for a while now, I dont rap myself tho, just speak with my hands LOL been dj'ing for Skrewloose for about a year too. Ellenbrook is a trek and a half but hey PM an email adress and i'll shoot through some beats ive made recently, see if you like em
  10. sup bruv. what area are you in here? we could hook up and see if we can make beatiful music together! lol srs tho, i think we've done some gigs together without knowing it! haha always keen to catch up with perth hip hop heads
  11. I scratch the word "ahhh" or "fresh" coz im bored shitless lol
  12. shure m477 aprox $100.00 each highest output for $ value and recommended by serato and traktor That is all!
  13. anyone planning to play live shows in any form should familiarize them selves with this info. So many times I see wrong level in/outputs being used, even by people who should know better IE: veteran dj's very useful Cee! good find
  14. Lol you just gave away all my secrets! But for real, i have found that i just muck around with a bunch of tracks in a bpm range of like 90-94 and find which tracks intro's and outro's blende well and start planning a set from there, using the odd instrumental track to add in some scratches. Most of the time this just leads to an unrecorded practice session and i get shitty afterwards for not accomplishing anything. Lol
  15. Nice man! I just competed in the wa round, keen to see your set! I dont think anyone recorded mine so im gonna redo it at homeand post up soon too. Damn nice cuts bruv!
  16. Ive been agonising over which oem to buy, but the pioneer ticks the boxes for me, removable cables, technics lookand feel and dicer mountable. Cant find all those options on any other oem unit out atm. Reloop 8000's come close but cost just too damn much! I missed out on a second hand set of stanton st150's for $500 a PAIR!!!!!! By about 2 hours. [emoji22]
  17. Not yet, but may be picking up some Pioneer plx-1000's on interest free this weekend! Hope they stand a good wrxit thrashing! One of my vestax has finally started to give out after 13 years faithful service.
  18. i mapped my z2 in about 20 mins! But Im such a product whore that i want it anyway!!
  19. It's beautiful https://instagram.com/p/6CHQ0QSWOo/
  20. Thoroughly enjoyed that! Nice work captain!
  21. When im playing a set for an mc, I generally don't do much, sometimes i'll load a double of the instrumental and just scratch the first kick drum occasionally at the end of the verse. Otherwise if im playing my own set i juggle the intro, cue the next track and wait impatiently for the end of the chorus so i can drop the next track. Scratching some random yeah or awww sample quietly in the background keeps me entertained aswell.
  22. And by the way, excellent taste in hip hop, im a ninties head for sure and love all the producers you mentioned!
  23. Hi there, im the one they are referring to! Lol I go by dj wrxit here in perth and im in a crew called skrewloose. Would be happy to help you out with any knowledge i have learned, im currently updating my soundcloud with some newer beats ive made so i'll link ya when its done. Welcome to a dope ass forum, nothing but quality peeps on here!
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