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Rudiments for Scratching?

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Hey everyone,

I've just started up scratching recently on my 2nd hand TTX :) (only came with the S tonearm though).

So far I'm just practicing baby scratches, but i got thinking, how relevant can drumming rudiments be for scratching? Has anyone tried making specific rudiments for Scratching?

I'm currently writing out the ones i think will apply in Sibelius.

If I assume 'R' was scratch away from self and 'L' was scratch towards self it could almost always work.

Things such as multiple bounce and double stroke open roll may not be applicable unless used with a long sound maybe.

But single stroke, Diddle, Flam and Drag rudiments, in theory, should work.

Next step would be adding rests in with the mixer, but that's for another day :P


Rudiments FYI


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