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    New to the world of DJ'ing.

    Bedroom Dj. Play progressive house, electro/tech house, big room house and similar variants of trance.
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    CDJ 400s x2. DJM 400. HDJ 1000s. Denon mc2000. Serato DJ.
  1. used to be into hardstyle few years back. more of the q dance dj's tho. zany, prophet, project 1, headhunterz, d block and s-te-fan etc i went to Qlimax couple years back, f**kin mental
  2. Thanks mate. I'll check them out right this minute
  3. Check out the YouTube channel "TheSoundYouNeed". Real summery vibes thanks man !
  4. this thread has got me thinking .... im having a 30th birthday pool party this weekend coming .... any1 going to have anything for me too play ? **im off to raid the MOTD thread**
  5. yeah mitch, thats what ive been doing,just grabbing anything. Can you guys literally grab any song, and mix it, without knowing the song ? Ive been mixing songs without knowing them. with average results.s some good some bad. il choose 2 sets of 5, and mix them about a bit. thanks anyway cupe, ill defintaly not be beat juggling any time soon
  6. So i've watched numerous videos on how to DJ. But how did you learn? Ive practiced 2 of the same tunes. Ive so-so got beatmatching. I understand beats, bars and phrases (well enough for now i think). did you guys stick to a few records? practice the same mix over and over? just grab anything and give it a go? at the minute, im just sort of grabbing anything and giving it a go. sometimes working, sometimes not ? or should i chose 10 records, play them in the same order, practice try and get a decent mix going ? thanks
  7. yea its true about everyone doing it, i dont hear much of the house producers using it. Its either all out dubstep madness or nothing. i suppose those couple tracks should do, only like one or 2 thrown in now and then.
  8. thanks man il get that rigged up tomorrow
  9. I actually just had a look at the back of a DJM400 specifically, as i've never used one You COULD run your controller into it without unplugging the cdjs, and just use the mixer. There is a switch to flick between line/phono on the second input for the channel. So you could plug your cdjs into the cdj inputs on each channel, then on channel 1 flick that switch on the back to line, and plug your controller into there. Then you use the switch above your EQs on the mixer to switch between your CDJ and your controller on channel 1. That would be a better way to do it nice. thanks mate. Il maybe go down that route. so just as long as its set to LINE, no damage should be done. only the phono is amped for analogue. Line is just another digital input ... non amped. fine for CDJS, controllers etc? thanks BTW. i dont mind swapping cables for now, but ideally i would rather not have 2.
  10. or this one ? probably prefer the jay car one. http://www.dicksmith.com.au/tv-video-accessories/4-way-universal-audio-video-switch-selector-dsau-l4680
  11. http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=AC1650 whats this? think ive found it? this it? will this work? should i buy this?
  12. thanks. learn something new everyday. looks like a Rca switch box is the way to go. in regards to the EQ levels, it isnt my picture. I google robbed it.
  13. but just thinking about it, my concern was the soundcard built into the controller, doing some damage to the mixer ... but cdjs have soundcards built in. ...its like a cdj playing, without the mixer on .... if i dont have to have the mixer on, id rather not. im in two minds.
  14. yea guys, on a 2 channel pioneer djm400.... just a thought, can i use a phone/line .... ? then just flick the toggle from cdj/controller. this wont cause any damage? cant imagine it, as essentially its the same as running cdj through it. Just thought id check. thanks guys (not my photo)
  15. ok guys, I run decks/mixer and a controller. I swap between the two. i want the eliminate the need to physically change the RCAs from mixer to controller. If i get a set of piggy back RCAs ... will this be ok? wont backfeed into my mixer or anything?
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