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  1. My new macbook is real pretty n all. But el capitan and SL2 dont wanna play together. Does anyone either: - know a solution? - know which version of mac os i shoulf be looking for to get the best results from SL2? Thanks in advance!
  2. Oh. and whoever wrote the track called "SPACEWALK" get at me.. I have been scratching over that beat for about a month now and i got some tight shit locked down.. If you want me to record and send it through it would be my pleasure..
  3. listening to it again. had the all clear from some of my colleagues to release... sounding awesome here fellas. great stuff
  4. whats happening people? Having received the final submission for the ADJF Mixtape 2 weeks back (something about lost project files and weekend in mexico)... I am currently listening to a fully mastered version of the album. The quality of the music on the release is a credit to all involved and I think this should prove a great venture for all of us to promote. Thanks to all the premastered versions of all your tracks, our hardware has brightened and flavoured the tracks nicely. Onto the next Stage!!! I will talk and make sure we get a pre-release copy uploaded for all to enjoy the compressed 320kb rip of our collective works. It's on!
  5. yeh fellas this is all comin along no dramas. its worth puttin the time into it fo sho. just ironing out some issues and the final thing wont be far off. cheers for the understanding lads
  6. which track was yours again mate? great music submitted all round. proved to be a bloody difficult job to pick ones that stood out from the rest. nice work lads
  7. we are getting some dope submissions here fellas. very nice work. I'm hoping theres going to be a mad rush towards the end of the comp. regarding head room. we will contact the winners and get them to send through a track with the appropriate levels if required. Figure we should let you guys submit them how you like them sounding and worry about the mastering when the comp is closed. cheers lads. keep em comin
  8. ahaha bring ont he christmas carols. me n a few people I work with are having a competition to remix dont worry be happy and make it sound evil as hell. fun times for all
  9. keep em comin fellas, and keep letting other like minded people know what we got going on here. The more people we have enter, the better the quality will be. bring it!
  10. bring it on fellas! yeh anyone can enter. the more the merrier
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