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  1. cheers for the help .....bought 1 to give it a go
  2. Hey all. I use ableton and I basically want to use the controller as a loop recorder like the video below. Will make a video 100% live like in the video but will be able to launch the recorded clips/edit effects at my choice. Is the APC a good way to go? Can I set up ableton to record a 4 bar clip then save that clip and record another 4 bars on the next clip or will I have to manually record each clip...
  3. worked a treat, thanks lads
  4. Just grabbed a cheapy off ebay for now, see how it goes
  5. I hear Jaycar sells some pretty cheap 1's around $20, i may have to give it a go, so its not just me being retarded. just found it strange its fine on the old toshiba and not the sony
  6. Need some help troubleshooting. If i have my Behringer Studio monitors plugged into my Sony Laptop while its plugged in on power i get this constant loud feedback, plugged in via rca to aux lead. Ive been dealing with it by listening/downloading music on battery and its perfect. but now my battery isnt lasting as long so i have to stop and let it charge up again. It was and still is fine on my old toshiba laptop. so its something to do with the sony. Any settings that may be causing this? ive read i may need a Ground isolator or something.... Help!
  7. yeh mitch that would be great dude, hit me
  8. In need of some new mix's for gym and general muzzing in my car, ive really hit a wall in finding good stuff lately. Need High energy, Drum & Bass/Drumstep, Big Room House stuff. Not really after liquid DnB or Laidback. Just some stuff to get the heart racing. This is my most recent list that ive replayed too many times. Any idea's/recommendations? Please and thanks
  9. yep, weekend #2 , leave Aus 5th July. will post pics
  10. soooo deadmau5 didnt say anything, an attourney did...
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