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  1. cheers for the help .....bought 1 to give it a go
  2. Hey all. I use ableton and I basically want to use the controller as a loop recorder like the video below. Will make a video 100% live like in the video but will be able to launch the recorded clips/edit effects at my choice. Is the APC a good way to go? Can I set up ableton to record a 4 bar clip then save that clip and record another 4 bars on the next clip or will I have to manually record each clip...
  3. worked a treat, thanks lads
  4. Just grabbed a cheapy off ebay for now, see how it goes
  5. I hear Jaycar sells some pretty cheap 1's around $20, i may have to give it a go, so its not just me being retarded. just found it strange its fine on the old toshiba and not the sony
  6. Need some help troubleshooting. If i have my Behringer Studio monitors plugged into my Sony Laptop while its plugged in on power i get this constant loud feedback, plugged in via rca to aux lead. Ive been dealing with it by listening/downloading music on battery and its perfect. but now my battery isnt lasting as long so i have to stop and let it charge up again. It was and still is fine on my old toshiba laptop. so its something to do with the sony. Any settings that may be causing this? ive read i may need a Ground isolator or something.... Help!
  7. yeh mitch that would be great dude, hit me
  8. In need of some new mix's for gym and general muzzing in my car, ive really hit a wall in finding good stuff lately. Need High energy, Drum & Bass/Drumstep, Big Room House stuff. Not really after liquid DnB or Laidback. Just some stuff to get the heart racing. This is my most recent list that ive replayed too many times. Any idea's/recommendations? Please and thanks
  9. ohhhhh i see, thank you, im only half way through, unreal
  10. my bad, i looked through the dub/trap genre to see if already posted
  11. Every year 1 of the most anticipated and best Dubstep, DnB, and hard trap mixes. workout to this shit and you will lift the whole gym, enjoy! http://www.excision.ca/ http://www.excision.ca/
  12. Yeh I ended up running a dash mounted iPad from the dock connection into aux and usb to charge and produce audio. Works a treat. Tested from 320kbs on ipad compared to 320kbs cd and also a bought cd (presumably Wav) and sounds perfect. All the same. System is 2 separate kicker 800 slimline 12's in box running off a 1300Wrms kicker mono, JL audio c2600 splits running off a bridged kicker 4ch. Big 1 guage dual amp kiy to run them. Got it pro tuned. Sounds off tits and my whole music library and genre playlists at my finger tips
  13. $250 posted I think is a steal For the headphones and launchpad I thought I should make clear
  14. nooooob member didnt get back to me, someone offer me a sensible price for both and they are yours, willing to give you a good deal for them to have a good home
  15. yeh ive got a bad feeling they are just rando tracks and not a certain style i can find more of
  16. dafuq, can someone fix the links? i changed the code the old way i used to if they didnt work?
  17. So the Base Genre is usually Dubstep/Drumstep or Drum and bass, always has an African or Reggae Accent/style, just goes so well with the Dub, Is it actually a sub genre or just random tracks... examples so good
  18. I work 2 jobs, i barely had enough time to mix before i sold my gear let alone produce . legit used it 2 times. it needs a good home
  19. mmmm righto, will PM you my bank details, should get them posted Thursday
  20. yeh most are mp3's, the file names stay the same in the folder after i change them in itunes, thats normal right? any idea of the folders name Mitch? i had a search but couldnt find it inbetween the 100's of artist folders created by itunes...
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