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  1. Thanks Cupe, appreciate the feedback. We are still working on the track but wanted to hear peoples thoughts ;D ...hopefully have a full release with download soon =D
  2. Me and my attractive female friend made this track, loving the sound of it. Might adjust the random vocals. What does everyone think? Constructive criticism would be much appreciated ;D https://soundcloud.com/long_lost/little-guy
  3. Years ago I posted this up, but I deleted my Soundcloud. I've now re-uploaded it on my new soundcloud which isn't as serious. Check it out! https://soundcloud.com/c5r/summerstylezmash2009 50 Bangin Trax mashed up to bleed your ears, made in the summer of '09 for all the shufflers out there. Pity it's not that popular anymore but if you want some awesome memories of those Hardstyle, Techaz and Trance days then this mix is for you - PUMP IT LOUD!!! TRACK LISTING for SUMMERSTYLEZ MASH UP 2009 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 001 - Colours of Hardstyle - Showtek 002 - Airport [Rave Allstars Remix E] - The Real Booty Babes 003 - Nightmare [bush Remix] - DJ Tom-X 004 - Ballanation Episode 2 - DJ Dean 005 - 99.9 [Hard Rave Mix] - Paradox Evil 006 - The Summer [Hardbass Mix] - DJ Frankie Jones 007 - Pure [Technoboy Remix] - DJ Zany 008 - Loving You [DJ Isaac Mix] - DJ Lady Dana 009 - The Beauty & The Beat [Technoboy RMX] - Hunter 010 - FTS [Original Mix] - Showtek 011 - Superstar DJ [Original Mix] - Dark Oscillators 012 - Never Severed [Dark By Design & Chris Tranzaction mix] - Avaline 013 - Smack My Derb - Alpha Twins 014 - Yakooza - Stronger [DJ Wag Remix] 015 - Yakooza - Cocaine [DJ Scot Project Mix] 016 - Save Your Life [Warp Bros Radi] - Black Spider 017 - Canto Della Liberta [Hard Style Dance] - DJ Antoine 018 - Oh My God [Technoboys Callsheet] - Technoboy feat. Shayla 019 - Pump It Loud [Cenoginerz Remix] - The Pitcher 020 - Its A Fine Day [steve Murano Mix] - Kirsty Hawkshaw 021 - Blood Is Pumping [Club Mix] - Voodoo & Serano 022 - Greatest Deejay - Greatest Deejay 023 - Let The Music Play [Original Mix] - Wal T 024 - Suck My Dick - DJ Valentino 025 - Tricky Tricky - Busted 026 - l [Want Your Love] - DJ Scott Project 027 - Cry For You [Youll Never See Me Again] [Darren Styles Club Mix] - September 028 - Black is Back [Club Mix] - Pitchers 029 - Meet Her At The Loveparade - The Real Booty Babes 030 - Peace, Love & XTC - DJ Dean 031 - Club bizzare [DJ Balloon RMX] - Brooklyn Bounce 032 - Ravers Rulez [The Prophet 2004 Remix] - TechnoBoy 033 - Coole Sau [DJ Isaac Remix] - Derb 034 - Sky High (Pantope Mix) - DJ Zany 035 - Nobody Likes The Records That I Play [Radio Edit] - Sample Rippers 036 - Dreams [Cosmic gate remix] - Miss Shiva 037 - Tricky Tricky [Paranoid Remix] - Busted 038 - Pounding Senses [Zany Overdrive Mix 2007] - Southstylerz 039 - Mescal - Speedwave 040 - Food For Woofers [shorter mix] - Dark Oscillators 041 - XTC A Love Extreme - Marc E Bwoyd 042 - Go Go Go [Qlimax Remix] - Julian DJ & Davide Sonar 043 - Take Me Home [Club Mix] - Manyou 044 - Bring it [Original Mix] - LCK 045 - Nothing Else Matters - Zany and DV8 046 - All The People In The World [DJ Isaac Remix] - Safri Duo 047 - Spanish night [steve Murano RMX] - Symphonic 048 - I Feel Wonderful [12 Inch Mix] - Cosmic Gate Ft. Jan Johnston 049 - Silence [Ti¸stos In Search Of Sunrise Remix] - Delerium Ft. Sarah McLachlan 050 - Lost Connection In And Out of Love [AVB Mash Up] - Jochen Miller vs. Armin van Buuren
  4. http://soundcloud.com/d3-fctv/vanilla-ice-vs-bingo-players Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on this bootleg I did of Ice Ice Baby & Rattle (Tony Romera Remix)
  5. your a legend but I do like the beats mixing together and I think if we use an acappella it will take away that nice tone the 2 songs have together, kaskade's song has some nice points in it that sound perfect with c'mon. An acappella might just make it a tad bit dull. But you know more then me, what do you reckon, I can try and get 1 and would love my name on a track ??
  6. it's great to hear all this feedback, you guys are def right about the vocals. It was hard to get both songs to play at a consistent volume where they weren't blaring over the standard levels. The Kaskade trax bass was dropped down dramatically along with the volume and treble. C'mon had a slight decrease in volume. All these tweaks allowed for a smooth consistent level of sound without having too much of bass, treble etc but of course sacrificed the vocals in the Kaskade track =( ...will re-work the track soon & see what I can do, still getting around listening to other peoples stuff as well talk soon
  7. yer well i'm looking at revising the mash so maybe I can get rid of some
  8. Kaskade vs Tiesto Ft. Haley & Diplo - C'Mon Dynasty [D3]FCTVz Original Dada Life Remix Mash] by [D3]FCTV Hey all, this is my latest mash inspired by the recent Beatport Top 10 July Battle Mix. I thought these 2 trax sounded pretty good mashed together, what do ya's reckon??
  9. [D3]FCTV - ADJF 'Beatport Top 10' Mix Battle [ThE JuLY [D3]FCT MiX] With 3min Intro Mash! by [D3]FCTV Hope ya'z like, ENJOY! ...will listen to every1's mixes asap, been working on this so haven't had the chance
  10. can i still get in on this battle? only problem is I don't have my decks up here, i can only use mixing software on laptop, will that still be ligament or is it considered cheating? lol ...please get back to me asap because I would love to participate
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