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  1. Edit: I have the track on private, so u may actually need to click the link to listen to it
  2. Hey all Please give this one a critique for me, be as harsh/honest as need be. I need to learn! Its a techno/electro 100 bpm styled track https://soundcloud.com/matty-whells/tehno-master/s-D5Gcw Edit: I have the track on private, so u may actually need to click the link to listen to it
  3. Hey guys I know ive been a bit MIA lately. Have recently moved to whistler and have been knuckling down on production Here is my first track Please critique it, be as harsh/honest as need be (im thinking it might be a little bass heavy) http://soundcloud.com/matty-whells/number-4-master/s-Mag5N EDIT: ignore the little bit at the end, i didnt realise i had a loop at the very end of the track
  4. I got a mate whose keen Still for sale?
  5. I always love close sets cause I can really bang it out, and have a bit more freedom. By the time close rolls around, pretty much 90% of your dance floor(if not all of it) is peaking, so they are gonna love everything Keep to the club's style though.. like if its a house club, dont start dropping DnB You will need to be careful about keeping the crowd energised though. They've been partying all night. I like to think of it as a game of tug-o-war.. they want to go home to bed, you want to keep them on the floor
  6. ended up tracking down a ghost busters remix went down a treat.. along with a few other goodies
  7. perfecto keep em coming so annoying that all good tracks are dub/trap. the club doesnt particularly like that
  8. Hey guys, Im playing Halloween and looking for some good halloweeny style tracks that i can play.. anything with a horror sample or halloween/horror reference would be great cheers
  9. Yea everyone is pretty spot on with that Night Jungle track. it is the tits Really liking the direction you've taken yourself in aswell dude. Its refreshing to hear
  10. This would be key What i dont understand with this making the closing hours earlier though... I got out atleast once a week, sometimes 3 times.. and i have NEVER seen any drama on the streets on in a club past 3am... all the drama seems to occur around 1 oclock.. Infact, by the time 3:30 rolls around, all the wankers have gone home and its mostly just an awesome bunch of people who are out for a good time So by making clubs close earlier, its not going to change the people who get in fights and what not around the 1/2am mark.. if anything itll jsut push it forward as they start dirnking earlier to make up for the clubs closing earlier? Is there any logic in what im saying, or is there another side im just not seeing?
  11. This lineup has just confirmed everything i said earlier!
  12. Honestly, i think the best thing about the stereo lineup is the number of artists as opposed to who is actually going. As a trance lover, i also happen to love the lineup.. but unless your into trance, i dont think the line up is that crash hot. Future could produce an equally as good festival with a quality line up... an awesome 1day festival can compete easily with a 2dayer i recon. As for artist speculation.... would love to see chase and status make a return. also with talk of knife party and pendulum making a new album.. it would be fucking badass to see them again (but thats just wishful thinking.. and probably too early) Edit: just to clarrify.. im still a fan of the stereo lineup.. i just dont think its that much of a game changer
  13. i dunno how happy i am about this on the one hand super happy that he'll be here.. but on the other hand, i think seeing him at a festival mainstage would ruin it
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