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  1. Edit: I have the track on private, so u may actually need to click the link to listen to it
  2. Hey all Please give this one a critique for me, be as harsh/honest as need be. I need to learn! Its a techno/electro 100 bpm styled track https://soundcloud.com/matty-whells/tehno-master/s-D5Gcw Edit: I have the track on private, so u may actually need to click the link to listen to it
  3. Hey guys I know ive been a bit MIA lately. Have recently moved to whistler and have been knuckling down on production Here is my first track Please critique it, be as harsh/honest as need be (im thinking it might be a little bass heavy) http://soundcloud.com/matty-whells/number-4-master/s-Mag5N EDIT: ignore the little bit at the end, i didnt realise i had a loop at the very end of the track
  4. Walking away and returning later with a fresh pair of ears is the way to do it for sure. On the flip side of this though, has anyone ever sat down and just got into an awesome groove and made really good progress with a track in one sitting. But then you have to leave (for school/work/etc) only to return to it to find that you have completely lost your momentum and are unable to finish it? I feel this happens to me way too often
  5. Have just got into DnB production and have been looking around for samples Will be downloading as soon as I get home. Thanks heaps!!!
  6. Cheers guys, looks like I'm taking a trip to the shop this weekend
  7. i dont mind doing it in headphones, i quit like being able to work without generating too much noise outside of my room. Im more worried about the harm having headphones on for hours will do, i have notice my ears are sometimes a bit sore after extended periods.. not sure if this is from the sound, or just the pressure put on my ears from the headphones clamping in. Based on what everyone has said, ill jump on some speakers. What sort of set up would u guys recommend in terms of speakers? i know everyone has krks, are they actually that good, or am i jsut paying for the name?
  8. Cheers guys Yea I was kinda thinking I'm gonna need to bite the bullet and get some monitors. If I went with the krk (or any other pair) route, would I need a sub, or should they be able to produce enough bass themselves?
  9. Hey all, Im taking a bit of a break from DJing and have decided to get stuck into the production side of things a bit more. I have noticed on the gear im using at the moment (logitech speakers, or hd25 headphones) i am struggling with sub bass and clarity, so have decided its time to fork out on proper speakers (or possibly studio headphones). What would you guys reccommend? Open to all suggestions, fighting to the death encouraged
  10. I've got ANA and I rate it Having said that, I'm still learning so not quite sure how good it is compared to other synths. Pretty sure I only paid like 20 bucks for it though, so it's well worth it
  11. Is there a reason that you cut everything below 30? I would've thought one of the elements would've taken up that range (sub) Cheers for the chart, tis helpful
  12. ah yea that helps so the sub bass should actually be lower than the kick drum? and when u say cut the sub from 30Hz, does that mean that there really shouldnt be anything below 30hz?
  13. Hey lads I know there are no rules to this sort of thing, but was just wondering what is a generally safe rule for the frequency ranges of the various bass and drum components. Kick / Sub Bass / Bass / Snare / Tom / Clap Cheers fellas
  14. not to mention alot of logic tutorials can be applied to ableton and visa versa
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