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Serato video into a cellDNA vj software

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Testing serato video into a vj software ...using the vj software video EFX over serato video

this opens up video sampling , live cameras ,and some cool looking video efx's

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its 2 A.M............. I'm up all night midi map my roland mc808 to cellDNA vj software....for the audio and video sampling

its looking dope from what I have tested

got the 8 faders ,midi map to the 8 video EFX in cellDNA....on the 808 fader bank 1... on fader bank 2, one off the faders is map to the crossfader [crossfading the serato video feed with the video sampling ]

I'm up to mapping the 5th button bank....on the 808 you have 16 buttons bank...each bank has 16 midi trigger pads you can map to

lots of button/pads you can map

so I have mapped 64 pads [so far ] for video loops to trigger with the audio you trigger by hitting the pad from the sampler in the 808

I will do a update video, so I can show you the video sampling and the serato video together ......off to bed now

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part 2...off the serato video into vj software

midi mapping mc808 to control vj software and how use the serato video ,with a video clip/loop and 3 camera's switching

how I use the video loop to hide the blue screen dropout when I switch from say a video camera to a VGA or HDMI in put

camera to camera is ok ...but camera to VGA is not good ....so this is what my work around looks like

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