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Which 4 Channel Controller for me - Digital & Vinyl mixing...

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Hi guys - I'm looking to upgrade from my little Wego, to something bigger and better!

Have been looking at a few 4 channel controllers, but was after some advice....

What would anyone recommend if I want to use the 4 channel controller to mix digitally but also drop in the odd bit of vinyl?

I'm fairly savvy on 3 deck mixing on the Wego, but want to take it up a level....

Thanks in advance!!


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I'd recommend a Traktor S4 mk2 - it allows for 2 input channels so you could use two turntables + the two controller decks if you wanted to. If you've got the cash and are maybe looking to be using a normal club setup in the future (2+ CDJ's and a DJM mixer), the high end Pioneer DDJ controllers are definitely worth a look - you're not going to be able to find better controllers out there.

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Thanks Scottie - the gear is just for home DJing and the occasional house party, but I'm well in to it so do want decent gear that'll need no upgrading for many, many years.... I was looking at Traktors, but I really like the Serato software, so I'm leaning towards Pioneer.

The DDJ SX2 is on sale at Store DJ for $1299 so I might invest my cash there! I'm pretty sure the SX2 can be connected up the same way.

Cheers for the input...


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