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Is rekordbox 6 on the way? First signs of a “new service system” from Pioneer DJ

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From the “obscure messages in change logs” department, Pioneer DJ has announced today that there’s a new version of Rekordbox DJ coming soon. As a part of the announcement, they’re suggesting to potential purchasers of the performance software to wait until the new release comes out.

What Pioneer DJ said:

Fire up rekordbox 5 today and you’ll see a fascinating notice pop up where the new version change log usually lives:


Here’s the key part of the image:

“Thank you for using our services. Due to upcoming changes to the service system, sales of the current version of rekordbox will soon end. Please consider delaying your purchase until the new service system is available.

* rekordbox ver. 5 will still be usable after the new system becomes available”

What could it all mean?

This notice says a lot – the most clear of which is that a brand new version of Rekordbox is likely just around the corner, and it’s probably going to be Rekordbox 6 (or maybe they’ll jump right to Rekordbox X?).

The other key thing to note here is the heavy use of the word “service” – it’s something of a change from just talking about rekordbox as a system or software. In the rest of the tech/software world, “service” often means an ongoing payment for the user – and an associated service that’s worth paying for. We’re guessing streaming music could be here in a big way in Rekordbox 6.

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