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  1. Cidious

    Pioneer Set up

    Hey guys I have 2x cdj 800 mk2s and a DJM 700 mixer all in good condition, decks have been serviced by deck doctor in Sydney, cue buttons replaced with 2000s for better feel and platters done as well. All in a road case with cables looking for $800 for the lot
  2. Cidious

    Kontrol s4 vs Allen and Heath xone DX

    Just got back from store dj with my new S4 downloading update and waiting to install and fire it up will be back with first impressions soon :-)
  3. Cidious

    Regular d&b night in Sydney?

    wicked chev thanks mate there is a dnb,breaks night on tonight at chinese laundry ima get my step on!!
  4. Could one of you wise men or women point me in the direction of a reg d&b, dubstep night in sydney, there was one at newtown but newtown RSL is closing down :-(
  5. Cidious

    Kontrol s4 vs Allen and Heath xone DX

    Are you sure they had heaps of stock? I am waiting on list for shipment to come in and i know that is the case for Melbourne and Sydney stores so how many units do they have in bris?
  6. Cidious


    Yh and I am lead to believe that it is bundled with a heap of loop samples to get you going from all the major genres so straight out of the box you can start mucking around with loop remixing ect. Cant wait :-)
  7. Cidious

    The "I just bought.." Thread

    I just brought 2 yamaha S115IV 15" tops for $200
  8. Cidious


    Honestly these are sick i had a play with one at store DJ and i was sold i put a deposit on one and the next shipment is due to come in mid December and i'm told there will be an upgrade for timecode support early next year so im hunting around for two vinyl decks and i can play vinyls aswell
  9. Cidious

    Pioneer djs program?

    lol what does it say? yar har fiddle dee dee, being a pirate all they can be?
  10. Cidious

    Pioneer djs program?

    pssst while we are on the topic does anyone have any crack for sale????? im jonesin bad (scratches skin in addict fashion)
  11. Cidious

    Pioneer djs program?

  12. Cidious

    GOOD DEAL????

    OMG i played with the Traktor S4 it is fuggin sick, and i can run that as a mixer and run two turnies off it aswell! so im going to grab one of those and look out for some second hand st150's and im good to go! Has any one else played with the S4 yet?
  13. Cidious

    GOOD DEAL????

    Got mine private mate upgraded to the DJM2000 i got it for 200 :-)
  14. Cidious


    Yh i have always wanted to play on vinyl, but as you say its sometimes hard to get to a record store, im sure there are none where i live i would have to drive to sydney but at least i can still play MP3's while im building my vinyl collection :-)