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  1. in the market for a new one. if anyone has one reply here or shoot me an email at steven@notevenso.com
  2. https://soundcloud.com/boysnoizerecords/stephane1993-saffron-smoke
  3. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/new-whip-main-course
  4. https://soundcloud.com/maincoursemedia/stephane-1993-new-whip
  5. You should send this to the guys at king street hotel
  6. Plaques by Stephane 1993 coming soon to Main Course. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/a-plaques Stephane 1993: https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo Main Course: https://soundcloud.com/maincoursemedia
  7. I'm leaving for Europe today so I thought I'd put out a new track for free. Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/a-plaques Enjoy xox
  8. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/acid-walk-stephane-remix
  9. Hey guys, Here is the link firstly: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/newcastl ... 1036082921 Here for sale are my classic MPC2000's I love these two machines but I feel like it's time to move on and buy something new. MPC2000 A This MPC works 100% fine. It is missing the front panel but that is about $20 online. I never bought it because it never affected my workflow. Great machine that has been used many times over the years. I recently opened it up and cleaned the pads. MPC2000 B This MPC powers on and is nearly complete. All the guts are there I have no screws left to assemble it all together. If you notice in the picture, the floppy disc reader is detached. This is because I purchased a new one with the intent to assemble this one to completion. Work commitments meant that I could no longer go through with the project. Both MPC's come with power cords and I will even chuck in the floppy disc - usb reader and the zip reader. I will also throw in as a bonus some floppy discs and zip disc. This is for serious musicians, I will not sell just for the sake of it because it really is that valuable. I haven't seen one around online for a while let alone two. I can post to ANYWHERE in Australia at the buyers expense (probably freight) local pickup is also available. Send me a text or email. Please just send me any questiosn you may have and any offers.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/lemond_official/jack-lemond-x-horreur-remix Listen, Download, Play.
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