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  1. in the market for a new one. if anyone has one reply here or shoot me an email at steven@notevenso.com
  2. https://soundcloud.com/boysnoizerecords/stephane1993-saffron-smoke
  3. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/new-whip-main-course
  4. https://soundcloud.com/maincoursemedia/stephane-1993-new-whip
  5. You should send this to the guys at king street hotel
  6. Plaques by Stephane 1993 coming soon to Main Course. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/a-plaques Stephane 1993: https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo Main Course: https://soundcloud.com/maincoursemedia
  7. I'm leaving for Europe today so I thought I'd put out a new track for free. Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/a-plaques Enjoy xox
  8. Subscribed :3 I don't have a mix around atm but if i do I'll let you know.
  9. Thanks man http://zanerobe.com/zanerobe-presents-s ... -volume-2/
  10. DOWLOAD LINK: http://stoneyroads.com/volumetwo/ Stoney Roads presents ‘Volume Two’, a selection of seven exclusive, hand picked original tracks that embody the true essence of house and techno in Australia. Supported by our good friends at Red Bull and Zanerobe. Shedding light on the future of Australian dance music, Volume Two offers a selection of works meticulously curated to signal the exciting trajectory of emerging experimental artists. Irrelevant of the fact that artists featured developed in such diverse locations - from Melbourne to Newcastle, Sydney to Brisbane – each artist plays with genre and form, creating original tracks that reflect a global direction of dance music in 2014 and beyond. With intentions to bring awareness to the grassroots movement of dance music, Volume Two aims to bridge the gap between artist and listener. With a free and simple download of the entire Volume – we want to work collectively with you, to give exposure to artists on the cusp of greatness whilst delivering easily accessible and awesome tracks to Australia and the world. Encouraging active musings on the boundaries of house and techno, Volume Two is a refreshing showcase of the development of a thriving culture, built upon creative individuals and audiences, engaging in a growing love of dance music. ps: Stephane is on it
  11. https://soundcloud.com/stephanexo/acid-walk-stephane-remix
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