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  1. AlexJ


    downloaded that bad boy!
  2. isnt there only 4 episodes? watched all of them. were fantastic
  3. the rent to own serum thing is a pretty decent deal imo. as for splice in general i feel the rest of the features are either too pricey or not applicable unless your have a few collaborators who also use all the same stuff as you
  4. make sure at the very least they are duel driver. if they are single driver you might as well use iphone earbuds.
  5. iems are great but not super comfy to wear for more than a couple of hours if your not used to them
  6. surely you mean 'GQ man of the year' award?
  7. yeah get a decent set of headphones. i do most of my arrangements in shitty sennheiser can (because they are comfy af and can wear them for hours) then when i want to start nailing things out i use the studio monitors. Find its much easier (and more comfy) to do things at low volume in headphones. if im trying to block out noise and produce ill put in my shure inner ears (SE535, couldnt recommend them enough for the pricepoint). its good to get in the habit of mixing across a few set of speakers but have one main set that you have a good understanding of. For example, i know my sennys get alittle bass boost around 150hz so I put a little notch eq on my master when i use them (only about 1.5db) to just limit the 'booming' of my kicks. Now when i jump over to the monitors everything sounds flat (which in this case is a good thing). As Labrat touched on earlier. learning your tools and skill development is still the key
  8. fuck this sounds boss. the dimension mix or strobe is just insane. makes an appearance anytime i can play dnb these days
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