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    downloaded that bad boy!
  2. isnt there only 4 episodes? watched all of them. were fantastic
  3. fuck this sounds boss. the dimension mix or strobe is just insane. makes an appearance anytime i can play dnb these days
  4. 'royal cash' mainly coz i want 1 and know its going to take forever to get one at the current rate (1/1000 posts haha)
  5. cmon cupeman your meant to be helping me plan my future
  6. how long will it take for my presitige dollar to double? wouldnt it make more sense to leave it as basic dollars for interest purposes?
  7. now make like 'royal dollars' that you get for 10 prestige cash haha
  8. i dont understand this. whats the point of all the screens if it still needs a laptop for media? i mean, sure close it for safety and all that but idk seems like some pointless bs to me
  9. erhhhhmagerddddd terccchbarrr
  10. dont forget that gain difference actual vinyl wont sound as loud as a digital output that is compressed af.
  11. Not going to lie, when i heard about this on the radio i pulled over and was like 'those lucky fuckers'
  12. honestly if your hiring a dj for a house party that isnt going to be a rager/niche vibe/huge party your probably wasting your time and money. Although its easy af, unless the money is really good i pretty much always turn down house parties because drunk people at these type of events are c^nts. Venues with decent dancefloors will always have DJ's because a machines cant really read a crowd.
  13. as lel as this is this is not actual rider. there was was a seperate 1pg emailed to us before he played here the other weekend
  14. not really zero to hero lives in household with parents who are musical af seems to have parents buy him all this gear @ young age gets put in touch with club promoter @ 13? seriously. gets sent to exclusive music school. apart from the fact that all that shit costs money dont doubt there was a fucktonne of help going on in the background
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