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  1. Hey guys, Heres a preview of a 2 track EP i'll be releasing with Love Club, it will be released on the 27th Feb so will post the full links once it gets released. Any feedback is welcome https://soundcloud.com/the-love-club-1/sets/roger-that-pyramid-ep-preview-out-27th-february
  2. Hey guys, Finished up a chilled back summer kinda house track, its up for free download if you dig it Was meant to be entering it into the remix comp but didnt get it up in time haha https://soundcloud.com/roger-that-official/odesza-ft-zyra-say-my-name
  3. So i've done automapping before on other VSTs but for Absynth they dont seem to show up for some reason I looked through websites and Google and turns out they made it so that you cant automap the preset effects eg Brightness. Was wondering if anyone has found a way to get around this? The only thing I could do was record it into a new channel and move all of the knobs live, but was limited to only one knob at a time haha
  4. Such a mad tune man haha love Main Course as well haha
  5. Hey guys, Finished off a remake of Holdin On by Flume if anyone wants to check it out. Also it's up for Free Download as well https://soundcloud.com/roger-that-official/holdin-on-roger-that-remix
  6. Good work man I dont usually listen to minimal kinda stuff so that could just be why haha
  7. Cheers Cupe! And knew there would be other people with the name Roger That but didnt think any of them were Australian producers, damn there facebook link is rogerthatdjs and mines just rogerthatdj hahaha
  8. Hey guys, Just released my first EP under my new DJ name Roger That also featuring a remix from technomeister Heizen haha have a listen and tell me what you guys think haha all up for free download as well https://soundcloud.com/roger-that-official/dynasty-of-ojibwa https://soundcloud.com/roger-that-official/lost-prophet https://soundcloud.com/roger-that-official/dynasty-of-ojibwa-heizen-remix
  9. Sick vibe and ideas behind it but feels like it still needs some work, cool sound though man
  10. Had a muck around with the melbourne bounce kinda style vocals and the acid kinda synths haha not mastered so probably wont hit heaps heavy in the clubs but still check it out https://soundcloud.com/lilmunzta/rise-of-the-shrooms
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