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    Mobile DJ doing Birthdays, Weddings & Engagements.
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    EV 15in & Horn & 18in Subs. 2 x Crown CE4000 Amplifier, BCD3000, 4 Par Cans, Motorised Mirror Ball and other lights, DMX Desk, Sennheiser Wireless Microphone
  1. Do you have the model number so we can look it up. As most appliances are designed to work on multiple voltages.
  2. Off Topic Reply: I am looking at active speakers now and replacing my laptop. Finding it hard to get a good sounding active speakers. I currently run 4 EV Eliminators, 2x15 inch and horn boxes and 2 boxes with an 18inch sub in each. Powered by 2 crown amps putting 600w into each box, they sound good.
  3. Hello, Has anyone used either or both of these Wireless Microphones. I want a microphone to cover the area of most Wedding Reception venues. I noticed that the: - XSW35 has a transmit power of 10mW and the - EW 135 G3 has a transmit power of 30 mW Just wondering how much of a difference the transmit power will make to the performance, eg the mike range? Do I need larger Antennas? I like these 2 models as they have: - Transmitter Battery Status on the Receiver - RF Signal Levels - Audio Signal Levels I bought a cheap microphone, and as per Murphys Law. I tested it at my house one afternoon and it worked perfectly from end to end of my house. I went to use it at its second function and it dropped out less than 5 meters from the receiver in the first 5 mins. So I don't want to get burned again. I only use good brand name batteries.
  4. I bought something similar. They are a pain to setup. I found trying to slide on the truss on your own and getting both sides to stand up without falling over is a nightmare. I used the truss once. Now I just use the 2 stands and T bars only. I have the lights permanently attached to the T bars. Also, I run 4 passive speakers with seperate amps and a DMX desk, so for me the truss was the first thing to go to reduce setup time.
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