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    Mobile DJ doing Birthdays, Weddings & Engagements.
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    EV 15in & Horn & 18in Subs. 2 x Crown CE4000 Amplifier, BCD3000, 4 Par Cans, Motorised Mirror Ball and other lights, DMX Desk, Sennheiser Wireless Microphone
  1. You will find that most laptops don't need to be test and tagged as they are extra low voltage. Any piece of equipment that is supplied via a transformer doesn't need to be test and tagged. The transformer and the transformer power lead needs to be test and tagged. Another example, Do you put a tag on your mobile phone? Consider a laptop the same as your mobile phone. It only has a low voltage going into it. Its power is supplied via a transformer. You may get the odd laptop that power input is 240V but I haven't seen any of those in years.
  2. Do you have the model number so we can look it up. As most appliances are designed to work on multiple voltages.
  3. Guys I have put my travel charges on my website if anyone is interested. If it avoids me getting any functions that are more than an hours drive away, then that may not be such a bad thing. http://www.djdave.com.au/index.php/pricing I made up a script in excel which takes a list of the suburbs and the distances, rounds the costs for each suburb to the nearest $10 value. Then it sorts it out into the same table layout as you see. I can then copy the html from excel into my website or paste a copy of the excel spreadsheet directly into my Joomla website backend. If anyone wants a copy of the excel spreadsheet let me know.
  4. Guys when i said $2 a km I allowed for the 1 km to get there and the 1 km to return. I was speaking to a colleage tonight and we googled "business charge per km australia" and came up with a few interesting results: http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/conte ... /33874.htm For a large car the ATO allows you to claim back 75 Cents per km. We all know the ATO, they don't give you back something for nothing. http://www.racq.com.au/motoring/cars/ca ... ning_costs This site shows the total cost including loans etc. Worth a read.
  5. Perfect statement. If only more people thought about subs like you do. If you get an external crossover you should be able to drop out the lower bass frequencies from your tops and keep only the mid bass. I am assuming your active sub has crossovers built into it to keep the mid base out of the sub.
  6. What about $600 speakers (pair) + $600 subwoofer? On a positive note, its good to see you are using a subwoofer. Most don't. In your bedroom turn those $600 a pair speakers and your $600 subwoofer up flatout, the same volume as you would be playing at the end of a night. Then go and hire a good set of speakers and do the same thing, then you will understand. When you are using these cheap speakers at a function, make an effort 2 to 3 times a night to go to where the crowd is at the front and the back of the room and listen to your speakers.
  7. $70 per hour this year and going to $80 an hour next year. plus travel if over 25km Minimum charge on Saturday Night 4 hours. If your only using speakers worth $800 maybe you should only be charging $200 per night. Quality of speakers is everything. There is nothing worse than going to a function and listening to a DJ overdriving his cheap active 12inch and horn speakers. Have you actually listened to the sound the $800 speakers puts out?
  8. At $30 have you calculated what it costs to run your vehicle more that 200kms. Eg, fuel, servicing, tyres. And at then your getting nothing for your time spent traveling.
  9. Hey, Whats the going rate for travel charges. I have come up with this at the moment First 25kms free. Then $1 per km after that. eg Suburb 1 - 25kms one way. No Charge eg Suburb 2 - 45kms one way. Charge of $40. eg ((45*2)-(25*2))*1=$40 I am not sure if this is fair/too expensive. Anyone else got any ideas?
  10. Off Topic Reply: I am looking at active speakers now and replacing my laptop. Finding it hard to get a good sounding active speakers. I currently run 4 EV Eliminators, 2x15 inch and horn boxes and 2 boxes with an 18inch sub in each. Powered by 2 crown amps putting 600w into each box, they sound good.
  11. Hello, Has anyone used either or both of these Wireless Microphones. I want a microphone to cover the area of most Wedding Reception venues. I noticed that the: - XSW35 has a transmit power of 10mW and the - EW 135 G3 has a transmit power of 30 mW Just wondering how much of a difference the transmit power will make to the performance, eg the mike range? Do I need larger Antennas? I like these 2 models as they have: - Transmitter Battery Status on the Receiver - RF Signal Levels - Audio Signal Levels I bought a cheap microphone, and as per Murphys Law. I tested it at my house one afternoon and it worked perfectly from end to end of my house. I went to use it at its second function and it dropped out less than 5 meters from the receiver in the first 5 mins. So I don't want to get burned again. I only use good brand name batteries.
  12. I bought something similar. They are a pain to setup. I found trying to slide on the truss on your own and getting both sides to stand up without falling over is a nightmare. I used the truss once. Now I just use the 2 stands and T bars only. I have the lights permanently attached to the T bars. Also, I run 4 passive speakers with seperate amps and a DMX desk, so for me the truss was the first thing to go to reduce setup time.
  13. L33nsta

    Wedding gig

    Get the Wedding couple to give you there ipod with a playlist of there favourite songs for the first 2 or 3 hours. Tell them while they are creating this list, get them to exclude and write down songs they want played later on in the night. It makes your job easier and they get exactly what they want.
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