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  1. Chauvet would have a better build quality than cheaper lights, best thing to do would be to go to lighting store and see everything in person.
  2. If your on a tight budged. Get a decent pair of par cans first.
  3. I second this. I also enquired, and was told not to waste money on a PPCA if I only do private gigs up to 300 ppl like a wedding ect... In regards to public liability, how would this be the DJ's responsibility? It should be covered by the event holder or the venue for example ? If some kid trips on your speaker stand and it falls on him. Or if a photographer's camera is busted by your laser. or if somebody has an epileptic fit and decides to sue you for the ambulance cost.
  4. ^^ that i can borrow or rent? I need a dancing on clouds effect for a wedding and feel like i'd use it enough to buy one.
  5. - Don't have abn but can get one - Reliable transport - Well presented - Own equipment -> + Powered speakers and sub - Friday and Saturday night availability (can be discussed further - this is flexible) - Friday not so much, Saturday yes
  6. UPS? its basically a big battery with an inverter, you could get a small one to ensure a constant power supply from the generator
  7. When all the cool people near the end of primary school had discmans and listened to Britney Spears, I had a walkman and listend to Black Sabbath. BEFORE IT WAS COOL.jpg
  8. Still cheaper than a taxi to the city from my house...
  9. No promises, but my mum MAY be interested in this, will check. How much would postage be to Seaford 3128?
  10. I understand what you mean by the "whatever it takes" approach. May I ask, how do you justify that cost to new clients, or is it all word of mouth/recommendations?
  11. Did you go? Was it worth the wait? Is there any point going by yourself or am I better off waiting next year and bring some mates?
  12. Two guys were requesting songs on each side of me, then one guy started punching the other and somebody got bottle behind me. Called security, party was over.
  13. Bring a big titted preferably female friend and go as a duo.
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