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  1. I couldn't think of anywhere else to post this. But here's the deal. Basically try to outdo each other with more and more outrageous and unconventional mash ups. You'l have a laugh in the process and might even learn a thing or two in the process. Ill start. https://soundcloud.com/vl4dj/cant-touch-this-duality https://soundcloud.com/vl4dj/vicroads-cnt
  2. Chauvet would have a better build quality than cheaper lights, best thing to do would be to go to lighting store and see everything in person.
  3. If your on a tight budged. Get a decent pair of par cans first.
  4. If they have cdj 2000's at the comp, then Just look at the bpm of the song, but dont look at the screen when launching or nudging it into sync. Download rekordbox and analize all your tracks. If they have anything else, eg cdj 800's then choose your track wisely. The dude I versed a while go had only 128 bpm tracks, he even turned off the pitch fader! And practice mixing without looking at the laptop.
  5. No promises, but my mum MAY be interested in this, will check. How much would postage be to Seaford 3128?
  6. For a dj comp, just play whatever gets the crowd going. You only have 20 min, so go with something that will grab their attention at the start, then go banger after banger after banger. Id say 2 min max a song, have a build up at the half way point, but it keep short and sweet.
  7. Damn you guys, I was finally content with my setup but after seeing this thread i need MOAR!
  8. I'm assuming your going to also use a truss. Personally I like to have over my table so the mini moving heads can sweep on/behind me. I suppose you could get a pair of cheap led flat pars and have them at each end of the truss facing you on.
  9. My usual rig, Me and a friend put some lights together for an awards night
  10. S4 has more options to expand down the track. eq, timecode
  11. Need money for a holiday. Haven't used it in a while. See description for more information. But seriously, Imagine the exposure you would get if you were the first person to write an acoustic dubstep track. Just saying... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111013469329 ... 500wt_1156
  12. THIS, seriously, don't bother with cheap speakers. I learnt the hard way.
  13. How good is good enough? Last night at a $100k even, the dj used virtual dj and cross faded through songs using his mouse.... Push Push, I'm a dj
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