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    "Sierra is a rare find in the industry and in high demand"

    "Sierra is an intelligent, enthusiastic team player. She is a breath of fresh air to my club. She is friendly, personable and her musical taste is impeccable"

    With a passion for the nightclub scene and a love for the music being played each night Sierra dived into the disc jockey scene in January 2011. Sierra is no stranger to the Melbourne night life having worked throughout 2009/2010 as a promotional model in Melbourne's finest venues and coming direct from a strong background in modelling. Three years later and Sierra is now a club favourite playing at some of the biggest venues in Melbourne and beyond.

    Sierra has certainly impressed those who have come across her earning several highly esteemed guest spots and residencies at venues such as Fashion Lounge, Eden Bar, FriBays, Whiplash Fridays, Dumplings and 161.

    Having a strong passion for commercial house and R&B, Sierra combines well known Melbourne bounce and commercial house music with widely known acapellas to create an atmosphere and vibe that cannot be matched by other DJs. Supporting the likes of Mobin Master, Will Sparks, Helena, Slice and Dice, Kalus and Orkestrated, Sierra has set her sights for the future high!

    Sierra has performed at a number of functions throughout her disc jockey career and has the knowledge and experience to perform at any event. If you are interested in booking Sierra for your next event or private function you can contact Sierra directly at sierrajanedj@hotmail.com

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  1. Thanks hun - appreciate it x
  2. Hi everyone, I have some R&B/Top 40/Melbourne Bounce/Electro/ mixtapes and would love some feedback. Have a listen and enjoy - www.mixcloud.com/sierra-jane Thanks again, Sierra Jane
  3. Hi everyone, I have some Top 40/Melbourne Bounce/Electro/R&B mixtapes and would love some feedback. Have a listen and enjoy - www.mixcloud.com/sierra-jane Thanks again, Sierra Jane
  4. Interested - email me at sierrajanedj@hotmail.com x
  5. Thankyou!! I was about to say the same thing myself
  6. Hiring DJs to perform at functions (18ths, 21sts, 40ths, weddings etc) for Sierra Jane Entertainment Services. MUST HAVE: - ABN - Reliable transport - Well presented - Own equipment (this includes decks, speakers, lighting, microphone) - Friday and Saturday night availability (can be discussed further - this is flexible) If this is you please email sierrajanedj@hotmail.com with how long you have been DJing, a link to your soundcloud/website/facebook fan page and the suburb you currently live in. https://www.facebook.com/SierraJaneEnte ... ntServices
  7. I had a mobile DJ gig where someone came to request a song and accidentally kicked one of the speaker stand legs whilst walking back to the dance floor and the whole speaker fell down. Cable broke but the speaker was okay - it was really lucky it didn't hit anyone! I still cringe about it to this day!
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