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  1. Hi All If you've wondered about this question and many others in terms of your lighting or audio gear, we have a new weekly email series out that will help you get the best out of your lighting and audio set up.. Other topics we cover are:- - Getting the best effect from sound active lights - Creating unforgettable themed parties using these simple ideas - Laser and Strobe safety - audio setup troubleshooting and much more If you're on facebook and you wish to subscribe, go to http://www.facebook.com/LightsoundsHQ/app_160291820682178 If you can't get to it through this link, you can subscribe at http://www.lightsounds.com.au/Subscribe_to_Bright_Ideas_Sound_Advice Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you've got specific topics you'd like us to cover and we'll try our best to do so.. thank you
  2. Sure.. happy to discuss. we've got quite a few subscribers already through facebook and other media and it's only been out for a week..
  3. Hi all We've put together some ideas and suggestions in a weekly email series for mobile DJ's to help them get more gigs and charge more for their services.. It covers topics such as - Your Body language and the look you're aiming for - Wedding DJ Protocols - Private Functions - Your Communication skills and how to capture attention - What to do to increase your rate whilst getting even more bookings - How to approach your marketing - Growing your mobile DJ business beyond yourself - What is the one process you can follow to ensure your DJ's always show up on time - As well as the subscriber's only series on how to sell yourself more effectively.. If you're on facebook and you want to subscribe to the free series, you can go to http://www.facebook.com/LightsoundsHQ/app_160291820682178 Otherwise you can go to http://www.lightsounds.com.au/subscribe_to_dj_success.html We also have another series about getting the best out of your gear, including stuff on lighting effects, smoke machines, audio setups and Theming ideas. You will see more info on it on the facebook page above, otherwise you can go to http://www.lightsounds.com.au/Subscribe_to_Bright_Ideas_Sound_Advice if you can't get onto the facebook page.. Please let us know your feedback, we'd love to hear it. Also please let us know any topics you would like for us to cover and we'll try our best to add them to the series.. Many thanks
  4. another alternative that stacks up well compared to the Rokits (and cheaper) are the New Gemini Sr series. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in store and tested them against the Rokit 5's. Either way no matter which speakers you decide on purchasing make sure you listen to them yourself. Take a cd of some tracks that you know well along to the store and compare as many as you can in your price point. The SR5's are below if you want to have a look http://www.lightsounds.com.au/gemini_5_active_studio_reference_monitor_8359_prd1.htm
  5. Thanks everyone for coming down, it was a great day and great to so many new and old customers and to hear some great music loud on Canterbury road along with the stunt riders.
  6. Yes there's an extended warranty. Follow the link below http://www.lightsounds.com.au/img_src_http_www.lightsounds.com.au_content_fs_red_8346_prd1.htm?pSearchQueryId=346942
  7. Review from DJ Worx up now http://djworx.com/review-gemini-cdj-700-media-player/ In stock now and available to demo at most stores (if you're interested give them a call) http://www.lightsounds.com.au/img_src_http_www.lightsounds.com.au_content_fs_red_8346_prd1.htm?pSearchQueryId=346942 Just to answer a couple of points the screen is pretty crap, too small and touch screen is fairly useless. Still a better screen then most CDJs on the market but no link feature or possibilty of a pro dj link type application is disappointing. This feature isn't availabe on any Pioneer players until you get to the CDJ900 so not a suprise. USB hard drives are so cheap these days so no problem to buy a couple of sticks CDJ effects also suck compared to mixers ones Not everybody has a mixer with effects so the option is there. The filter is especially useful with the ability to control it with the jog wheel
  8. If you are in Melbourne check out the http://digginmelbourne.wordpress.com/ website which has a pretty extensive list of stores, some that deliver.
  9. Just added to the event is KEVIN ZARCZYNSKI (mototrial, motocentral) STUNT RIDER from 2pm
  10. I think the best advice I've had is to support the local nights that play the style of music you like and be friendly with the promoter it takes a lot of work to put on a party and more so if its a regular night. Don't be pushy show your face a bit and offer to help out with flyering / promo and then offer your mix. Generally the promoter will be sent tons of mixtapes but will be more inclined to put on someone who supports the night. When you get the gig bring your friends along and have fun
  11. Sale lists now available! What products have your attention!? http://www.lightsounds.com.au/latest_news/clearance-and-xs-sale-canterbury-5th-of-may-pricelists
  12. 10am till 5pm DJs, sausage sizzle, deals, showroom with lasers. Why not!?
  13. Who likes FREE gear, DJs and great deals!? Well get on down to Lightsounds, Canterbury this Saturday May 5th. $250,000 stock clearance Live DJs Hourly prize draws Sausage sizzle 459A Canterbury Rd, Sydney Feat. DJs Nik Fish DJ Ravine DJ Playmate DJ Kobuki Join the Facebook event for updates Sign up to the email club for sale list *Sale list on Thursday
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