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  1. *currently listening can confirm. is boss.
  2. Yo TPG.. do you happen to still have the acapella for 'all i do is fuck and party'?
  3. Hey guys. Ok.. So, a number of years ago, I went and purchased an Amp & 5.1 surround sound setup. All was working amazingly, moved house, put it in my bedroom in storage as I didnt need it. Once I bought my DJ setup, I hooked it all back up again, and my subwoofer made a pop sound and produced no signal. Checked my fuse, it had blown, put a new one in, popped again. Tried it on a different amp. Popped again. It's a Klipsch subwoofer: here are the photos:
  4. yeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww Featuring voice over and bootleg by ThatPartyGuy https://soundcloud.com/trennaa/trennaa-tape-winter-mix
  5. I believe im going to cry. can you show the vocal cuts in ableton? or FL? hahahah. I don't use mac!
  6. man, if you could, I would thoroughly appreciate that! im by no means a producer, but if i can edit stuff, ill do it. thanks a bunch!
  7. Ok, I'm an epic Brynny fan. His style of bounce is left-field. Every time ive seen him play, he's a dance-floor filler (in melbourne). He's especially well known for his 'vocal cuts'. Knowing stuff all about production.. would this be difficult to do? Examples: https://soundcloud.com/dj-brynny/fourfi ... escription https://soundcloud.com/dj-brynny/mapei- ... ny-bootleg if not difficult, could someone give me a quick run down? im assuming you grab the acapella and just slice out certain parts, possibly add some reverb?
  8. Go ahead man send us a link to your mixtape later Definitely. I not long ago got the internet back at my place, so I've downloaded the track - its awesome! I'll be throwing this on USB to play out whenever I get sets too. Once my mixtape is done, I'll throw it up on here and link as well. Cheers boss!
  9. duuuuude.. I just listened to this.. this is tough! particularly the intro.. "all i do is fuckin party" Can I use this in a mixtape?
  10. ha! Dickie Smith sells fluid? well, fuck. lol. The other question I have. Is it dependant on the fluid as to the thickness of the smoke, or is that up to the machine you have? Thanks guyz
  11. Ok, so I picked up this guy last night from a friend, simply for house parties to bang around with. if I was to buy the cheapo smoke fluid ($10-$30) from ebay, will this be sufficient?
  12. Yeah I used to have UTorrent on my previous phone (galaxy s3). However, I don't exactly want to download potentially GB's of data on my phone lol
  13. Not entirely sure if im making sense.. Probably not. What I want to do is use an app or somehting from my S5 (while at work) start a torrent from my desk, it starts downloading etc from my laptop AT HOME, using my HOME wifi?
  14. Hey guys. This is somewhat of a bizarre question. With everything becoming "cloud" and "dropbox" orientated these days, and remote access/control of shit. Is is possible to have my PHONE which is android (galaxy s5, stock firmware) to remote torrent to my PC/Laptop at home? IF SO.. pls explain? Tah
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