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  1. *currently listening can confirm. is boss.
  2. I know we're heading so far off topic it ain't funny, but im always on here, just seldom post I'll throw together some ish.. and throw it on mixcloud (my sc is full) then i'll throw in a media fire link or something.
  3. Ahhh I mis-read.. I thought it was voted.. my bad!
  4. ps.... Trent, your donation is now complete Confirmation number: 9MW10855J2724280U
  5. im not necessarily too worried about having login access personally - i can leave that up to the admins, thats all good.. but yeah, if I can make something, with the support of ADJF, that would be boss. Like I said, will probably record a commercial bounce hr or so this weekend (live, not abletonised).. and link.. would have a zippy/mediafire link for the SC link to ADJF account too... does that make sense?
  6. ok. a) im keen as a motherfucker for this. b ) someone hmu with donation info, will swing $20 through - paypal, bank trsfr idgaf. c ) im voting for a bounce mix kek. actually gonna record something over the next 2 days. would love to upload and say its been supported by ADJF.
  7. Yo TPG.. do you happen to still have the acapella for 'all i do is fuck and party'?
  8. Hey guys. Ok.. So, a number of years ago, I went and purchased an Amp & 5.1 surround sound setup. All was working amazingly, moved house, put it in my bedroom in storage as I didnt need it. Once I bought my DJ setup, I hooked it all back up again, and my subwoofer made a pop sound and produced no signal. Checked my fuse, it had blown, put a new one in, popped again. Tried it on a different amp. Popped again. It's a Klipsch subwoofer: here are the photos:
  9. yeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww Featuring voice over and bootleg by ThatPartyGuy https://soundcloud.com/trennaa/trennaa-tape-winter-mix
  10. Sorry brother, I literally only just today changed my whole FB settings. I'm applying for rental properties so I can move in a couple of months, and thought I'll tighten my FB so if they screen me, they can't see my shit haha. https://www.facebook.com/events/1616204 ... r=upcoming thats the official link (i'll update my original post). Edit: I have no fkn idea how to update my original post.. maybe an admin can halp?
  11. Talking the Ultraglow/St Kilda/Luna Park festivals that are being run at the moment.
  12. I've joined the team as a Promoter/DJ. Has a strong promotion team behind it, hosts are passionate and dedicated, and will open up possibilities of playing at some of Vic's largest festivals - depending on how much ass is kissed lol.
  13. Hey guys. Just dropping the news - Residence @ Werribee (The Avenue) will be launching THIS Saturday. Some decent headline Acts/DJ's will be performing, and a great schedule in the up and coming weeks. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater GET onit!
  14. Go ahead man send us a link to your mixtape later Definitely. I not long ago got the internet back at my place, so I've downloaded the track - its awesome! I'll be throwing this on USB to play out whenever I get sets too. Once my mixtape is done, I'll throw it up on here and link as well. Cheers boss!
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